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Re: Difficulty in installing tyres? RANKINGS only PLEASE
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Ok, it's the rims, not the tyres.  A set of steel beaded Stelvios were just as tight, needing the VAR lever again.  Looks as if the 16" Sun CR18 causes problems for a lot of people.  It's the shape of the rim channel that's the problem.

I am just having problems with a Sun CR18 rim in 559 size. I've already knackered one tube (humour not helped by a: the rim needing a Presta valve and all the spare tubes are Schraeders, b: the garage being very cold, c: I'm 900kms from home so don't have access to my usual fettling kit, of which there is lots).
The tyre is a B Twin 26"x1.75 which is not new and has never posed a problem in the past - they are on most of the girls' bikes. It has just come off a generic mtb rim (I will check the type shortly). Fitting to ZAC 19 and ZAC 2000 rims, among others, is a hands only job although levers are necessary to get them off. The Sun rim requires a lever to fit both beads!

My preferred tyre levers would be some light motorbike ones. They are back in Limoges. The job needs to be done by tomorrow, going home on saturday. The new wheel is a 48 spoke job from SJS, bought to resist 18kgs of toddler bouncing in a child seat over Kidlington roads. Might seem like a bit of overkill but the old wheel (32 spoke) suffered a serious spoke breakdown and so sledgehammers cracking nuts seemed a safer way to go. I am thinking of opening out the valve hole but with 48 spoke holes the rim probably needs to keep all its remaining metal so best avoided. In my absence a shop will have the puncture fixing job, daughter has more worthwhile uses of time than wrestling with this beast, even if she is well capable of handling most, if not all, conventional bike work.

Re: Difficulty in installing tyres? RANKINGS only PLEASE
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ZTR Arch 29e/7r00C rims with Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700x35C (coming from Planet X/On-One ReetArd 29er rims): Ranking: Doable at home with enough tools and practice, wouldn't want to try it out on the open road.

The Schwalbes orriginally went onto the old wheels without too much hassle from memory (actually 4 years and a Covid-reduced few thousand miles ago) but a worn-out White Industries freewheel meant switching to some fancier 29" wheels for the interim (as an aside, discovering the WI freewheel is completely rebuildiable and I can even get a new set of teeth for it after 20-odd years is quite something in this day and age).

Anyway, getting a new Marathon plus on the rear rim wasn't too hard (don't normally need to use tyre levers, but next time I do with these mofo's I'll wear safety glasses and hard hat) but getting the part-worn front Marathon onto the ZTR Arch rim was...difficult. First thing was to ditch the thick Specialized rim tape (figuring it was too stiff to let the bead sit deep in the rim centre and use some thin no-tubes tape instead, then lose the Schwalbe inner tube for a Specialized 28-38C condom (if the PF's manage to get through a MarathonPlus casingi, seems unlikely a thick inner tube is going to make a dfference).

Even after finally managing to get it on, the tyre wobbled side to side and up and down to a visibly-obvious and on-road noticeable extent. An hour or so of soapy-liquid wrestling  finally yielded an acceptable result.

Verdict: Particularly bad combination. Would not want to have to do a roadside puncture repair with this combination (but then, these tyes have had zero punctures whereas I'd guess on a mile-to-mllr likeness comparison I'd have had several with the usual suspects).

Re: Difficulty in installing tyres? RANKINGS only PLEASE
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G One Allround TLE on Exal 17 and Kinlin XR22
Equivalent to a Marathon+ (or worse)
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Re: Difficulty in installing tyres? RANKINGS only PLEASE
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Continental Gatorskins onto Mavic Kyrsium Elites.

Surprisingly difficult. Many swears elicited. Dreading it when the p*ncture faerie visits.. Never really had a problem before with any combination of rim and tyre.


Re: Difficulty in installing tyres? RANKINGS only PLEASE
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Continental Grand Prix 23mm onto Shimano RS100

Speaking only for myself, to ever need levers for these would be an admission of deep personal failure.