Author Topic: Couple of bike rides last weekend  (Read 8371 times)

Couple of bike rides last weekend
« on: 16 April, 2019, 09:05:41 pm »
Hello, good evening folks, hope everyone has recovered from the weekend.

I decided to head to the Peak District on Saturday, it's only an hour's drive away from me so headed out to Hathersage for a few hours riding.

Managed to ride up the rode to Mam Tor dismounting to carry my bike the final steps to the very top.  Weather was dry and cold, little windy, but didn't really notice it that much as I packaged in a lot of climbing over a short distance.

As for Sunday, I signed up for the Paul Kirk Sportive from Brigg in Lincolnshire, it's a memorial ride and also for many a reliability ride too as I guess it's still considered "early season" for many riders - myself not included.

Anyways, managed to bring together some video action from the day's event in my home county.
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