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New forest campsites
« on: 06 May, 2024, 03:47:41 pm »
My kids want to go to the new forest and see ponies and camp

Does anyone have any recommendations for any campsites down that way. Generally we like smaller sites with communal areas such as fire pits, second best would be sites with character. Generally we don't like big soulless fields with people pissed and blaring out music


Re: New forest campsites
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My information is far too out of date to be reliable, but we had a good time with small children on the northern edge of the forest.

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Re: New forest campsites
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Not what you asked, but if the dates fit there's the New Forest Rally which is very family friendly:

The only other time I've camped in the New Forest was at the Burley YHA on a forum weekend (Possibly ACF but more likely Cycling +) It was fine, but it's glamped up a bit since then.

Re: New forest campsites
« Reply #4 on: 29 May, 2024, 01:22:13 pm »
We regularly camp at either Longmeadow (new park farm) or Aldridge Hill.  Both are near Brockenhurst and have miles of good gravel trails straight out of the site.

Longmeadow is essentially a flat field with big pitches and plenty of space.  Good facilities-  shower block and often a food van in the evenings.  A few electric hookups.  No firepits but can have BBQs off the ground.  Site is only a couple of hundred metres from Boulderford Bridge and a nice river for paddling.   Deer regularly roam through the site from the adjacent fields.

Aldridge is not open that often and is a very natural site on the edge of a plain, with a small river running through (good for paddling).  The site is not sloping, but is bumpy and really best suited to small tents or caravans/motorhomes.  There are no facilities (except water and waste disposal) here so will need to provide your own chemical loo.

Hollands Wood campsite is just across the road from Longmeadow.  It's a nice site, but is rather in the woods.