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Re: Blood donation
« Reply #375 on: 29 May, 2024, 10:49:44 am »
In and out in about 25 minutes yesterday (including dallying at the biscuit/squash table). Way faster than any of the previous 53 donations. It was at the start of a session so no backlog of donors, unlike last time no complications at the screening, and blood flowed quickly.
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Re: Blood donation
« Reply #376 on: 01 June, 2024, 03:26:36 pm »
Well that was interesting. Blasted up to St Georges, Tooting to donate platelets.
This normally takes about 90 minutes and ends up with two bags/units of platelets. The amount extracted depends on my platelet count (which gets measured after each donation, so they use last times number and my blood volume, which is calculated by the machine based on my height and weight. I've shifted a bit of weight lately (see weight loss thread) so the machine said no, and would only allow a single bag. I think there's a time limit on donation time too. As I'm A neg they'll take all they can get, while other blood groups they want a two bag minimum. My platelet count is down the lower end of normal at 168 (the Crool Nurse didn't give any units) while swift web based research suggests normal is between 150 and 400.

As it turned out, I couldn't give any, as there was an issue with the needle insertion and the blood wasn't really flowing. The Crool Nurse was ever so apologetic but it didn't worry me. A nice day for a bike ride.
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