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Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: The computing stuff rant thread
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Today at 05:04:52 pm »
The only way I reckon I can get W10 to install an update it’s been failing to install for the past ten months is by reinstalling the the whole wretched thing from scratch.  Which wouldn’t be so onerous were it not for the dozens of apps that would need to reinstalled, plus the large amount of tweaking required to get the bloody thing the way I want it.  Bah!
Tesco online food pickers continue to surprise me with the degree of lateral thinking applied (or not) when the item I want isn’t in front of them.

The low point remains the litre of orange juice I was offered in lieu of tomato juice.

Last week in place of the half bottle of rioja that I ordered I got nothing! They said they had no suitable alternative, although they definitely sell Rioja by the quarter bottle…

This week I ordered two half bottles of Rioja and got… two full bottles. I’m trying to manage my drinking better, but when I saw that they had charged me the price of two half bottles, I relented.

Probably busy playing Captain fucking Birdseye somewhere....


So do you wanna come on a bivvy / small tent thing?
The Knowledge / Re: Shimano 105 going electronic
« Last post by Giropaul on Today at 04:50:16 pm »
I'm sure it's do-able. And if it is demanded by the pros, it would filter down to regular users soon enough. Especially the self-cleaning chain (even more if it cleaned the cassette too!).

Pros are told what they are going to ride, not vice versa I’m afraid.
Rides and Touring / Re: MEWBS - The Mid Essex Weekend Breakfast Series
« Last post by tedshred on Today at 04:47:31 pm »

Probably busy playing Captain fucking Birdseye somewhere....

Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: RIP Sir Clive Sinclair
« Last post by Feanor on Today at 04:47:02 pm »
There was a 4MB expansion available. Don't remember who made it now, but you bought 32KB (? - may have been 16 or 64k) modules that you could stack up.

I strongly suspect that the whole thing would collapse under it's own weight before you got that far.

Not sure how that would work as the data bus of the 8 bit (CPU) ZX81 was 16 bits. Directly addressable memory was limited to 64Kb.

In the Apple ][ it was done by paging chunks of memory in and out of the addressable space. The upper 16k or so where the ROM lived could be switched out for different language roms or a ram based language card.

The bbc b also has similar pageable extension memory.
...some local folks like ted for example haven't surfaced yet.

Probably busy playing Captain fucking Birdseye somewhere....

Repelling boarders and such like  :thumbsup:
Racing / Re: Cavendish to retire soon?
« Last post by Paul on Today at 04:34:14 pm »
Cheque arrived today. I'll bank it on Monday.
The non-sequitur thread is… not here.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: RIP Sir Clive Sinclair
« Last post by ppg on Today at 04:32:29 pm »
Didn't most calculators then use RPN?
I think my Dad's HP did...
Just HP AFAIK - my Texas TI59 and Sharp / Casio's all used algebraic entry
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