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Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Which free anti-virus?
« Last post by andyoxon on Today at 06:06:40 pm »
The Dell has unfortunately arrived with a years subscription to Intel MacAfee.  :facepalm:   So far I resisted giving it any email addresses or opportunity to protect 'all my devices'.    Uninstalling may be more messy than it worth atm.  Dread to think what will happen in terms of renewal pop-ups as the subscription comes to an end.

Anyone with experience of getting rid of MacAfee cleanly?
Parts and Accessories / Re: Park Tools TB2 - Damages inner tubes
« Last post by Biggsy on Today at 06:02:31 pm »
The thin film on the front is way more sticky because it's supposed to stay stuck down permanently to the layer below!  It's just finishing material - ridiculously too thin to use as a boot.  Park makes it clear that the boot itself has a woven layer.  The thin stuff is not woven, just has the woven pattern from the layer below.
LEL 2017 / Re: LEL2017: Who is in?
« Last post by jon.pavelin on Today at 06:00:45 pm »
In. Trains and hotel before/after booked.

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The Pub / Re: What have you fettled today?
« Last post by Kim on Today at 06:00:14 pm »
Triffids.  The great thing about doing it in march is that you don't get instant hayfever death, and can hack back the reachable sycamore without getting covered in sticky ick or flying beasties.

As usual with prolonged power tool use, my hands are now shaking and I can't hold a pint glass properly.  This is suboptimal given the lack of food I can just throw in the microwave.
Parts and Accessories / Re: Park Tools TB2 - Damages inner tubes
« Last post by mmmmartin on Today at 05:54:26 pm »
The thick stuff is the boot - that's what you're supposed to stick to the tyre.  That's why it's sticky!
Yebbut - the thin transparent stuff is wwaayyy more sticky. And far more flexible. I think the white bit is only to stick the thin transparent stuff to. Lots who have used the white bit say it gives them punctures. Have a look at a tyre boot and you can lift up a small corner of the transparent stuff, away from the thick white bit, as see how sticky it is.
Audax / Re: The Dean
« Last post by Von Broad on Today at 05:47:27 pm »
Looks good enough for me... :)

Oh, I'll say!
Compared to what this ride can throw up...that looks positively most agreeable.
Have a good ride.
tl;dr - what if the likelihood of my getting my bike on a weekday mid-morning train from Portsmouth to Brighton?

I'm planning another cycling tour in France in June and want to use the Newhaven - Dieppe ferry crossing. I *could* cycle from home (Bristol) to Newhaven but, as time is limited and I'd rather spend it in France, I'd prefer to save a day and use the train.

I've used the Bristol > Portsmouth service several times in recent years with a reserved bike space and never had a problem, so my preferred option is Bristol > Portsmouth then Portsmouth > Brighton (then a short ride to Newhaven). But I don't fancy arriving in Portsmouth to find a huge queue of people trying to get bikes into the first-come, first-served spaces on the Brighton train. The same problem applies to alternative routes via London or Gatwick - first leg ok with GWR, but no bike reservations possible for the 2nd leg.

So - has anybody taken a bike on the Portsmouth > Brighton mid-week? Did you have any difficulty finding a bike space, given that Southern Railways don't do bike reservations?
The Pub / Re: First-World Problems.
« Last post by Mrs Pingu on Today at 05:39:55 pm »
My Sainsbury's delivery today contained three times as much carrot as I ordered and a dozen oranges I hadn't ordered at all.
My fridge is overloaded.
They couldn't supply the steaks I ordered.

Maybe I'll turn ORANGE!

Sounds like an excuse to make carrot cake with orange icing!
Parts and Accessories / Re: Park Tools TB2 - Damages inner tubes
« Last post by Biggsy on Today at 05:32:40 pm »
The thick stuff is the boot - that's what you're supposed to stick to the tyre.  That's why it's sticky!  It needs to be substantial to take the pressure and wear (although it is a lot stiffer than would be nice).

Park's "thin film" wording may be a hangover from the TB-1 that was clear, softer and maybe and a bit thinner.  The opaque TB-2 has a woven layer for more strength and durability.
Ride Reports / Re: 500 km in March
« Last post by Dave_C on Today at 05:25:35 pm »
Great report Deano, loved reading about your damp nocturnal trip down through the borders. I don't believe I have ever cycled through Eskdalemuir in the dry!
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