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Parts and Accessories / Re: Schwalbe Marathon SUPREME 700c x 35
« Last post by Morbihan on Today at 04:13:46 am »
late to the show on this thread. we have used the supremes in 35 and 32mm. (with tubes) and were very impressed. A fast commuting tyre with v good puncture resistance. We completed the Munich to Venice trail on them with bike packing gear a ways ago and despite the fact that they are not rated for gravel, the 35's held up pretty well on the rough stuff that we came across.
Parts and Accessories / Front light that uses 2 x AAA
« Last post by Morbihan on Yesterday at 11:50:54 pm »
Any recs?
Basically a back up for a dynamo outfit for TCR in July. I'm after one that doubles as an off the bike torch and will take a couple of small batteries that are readily available in gas stations if the dynamo system craps out. I'm located out in the boonies so a trip to a LBS or electronic store is not convenient. The offerings on-line are, to be frank, a freaking minefield. ( 99% USB options and some dubious looking $1.99 offerings.)
One additional luddite Q. Would it be possible to load said light up with lithium batteries to extend run time?
Thank ye all.

Rides and Touring / Re: Bunbury World
« Last post by Ben T on Yesterday at 10:50:08 pm »
Make sure you only go to south Korea, don't wanna get caught by kim jong un  ;)
Where The Wild Things Are / Re: Signs of Spring
« Last post by Chris S on Yesterday at 10:39:32 pm »
The Daffs are finally out here on Teesside.
The Knowledge / Re: Rear Derailleur Misery
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 10:00:08 pm »
My money's on something cabley, but bent hanger is another favourite.
The Knowledge / Re: Rear Derailleur Misery
« Last post by Brucey on Yesterday at 09:55:21 pm »
FWIW you don't say how many gears you have but in most shimano index systems a minimum requirement is

- a polished stainless inner cable
- correct new SIS cable housing, well prepped
- good ferrules
- a BB cable guide that is not binding
- a good lubricant on the cable (I use finish line teflon grease with a little oil added, but it is not the only way)
- a free-moving shifter that is well lubricated.

if the cable housing was old then the shifting will probably be compromised even with a new cable.

There are lots of other things (wear on parts, derailleur alignment etc) which can affect shifting too.

The Knowledge / Re: Rear Derailleur Misery
« Last post by lonegroover on Yesterday at 09:48:32 pm »
Appreciate the replies, thanks very much. I will start from scratch again tomorrow.
There'll probably be the standard family hatler turn out towards the end of the ride.
Rides and Touring / Re: Bunbury World
« Last post by Ham on Yesterday at 09:44:15 pm »
#Can't think of a better word than epic, will be following with interest.
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