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The Pub / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by andrewc on Today at 12:07:00 pm »
Bravely resisting temptation in Walker Slater...
Audax / Old Roads and New by Jock Wadley
« Last post by Revellinho on Today at 12:06:49 pm »
I'd like to read this book, so if anyone knows where I can buy a copy, please post here.  Alternatively, if you would be willing to loan your copy out, perhaps something could be arranged.  I am a very trustworthy sort.  I can be emailed, as per my events pages, at mail<at>
The Knowledge / Re: Where to buy a Halogen bulb
« Last post by Pickled Onion on Today at 12:05:24 pm »
3-6 months? You can expect about 10-20 hours from a Philips GH90, substantially more from a Reflectalite equivalent, but definitely measured in hours not months!
Health & Fitness / Re: Novice running
« Last post by Greenbank on Today at 11:58:35 am »
Haven't done parkrun for ages, need to get back into the routine.

Daughter (7) wants to get back in to it but she does Tennis on a Saturday morning so only gets to do parkrun in the holidays (and then we're usually away).
I've never understood this eagerness in passengers. The plane/boat/train is not going to leave or arrive any earlier because you've stood in a queue, even if you're at the front of it.

It's about bagging space in the overhead lockers - which wouldn't be a problem if people weren't taking on massively oversized bags as hand luggage. It fucking annoys me that airlines aren't stricter about that.

What also fucking annoys me (and yes, I know this isn't the rant thread, sorry, but I've started so I'll finish) is at the end of the flight when they get up and start pulling bags out of the overhead locker before the plane has even stopped moving. I had a falling out with a fellow passenger once when he just recklessly pulled his bag out, dragging other bags with it. It was only my swift reaction that prevented a large, heavy bag falling on the head of the woman sitting next to me. I'm not normally the kind of person to react to other people's rudeness (far too British) but I was furious, so called him out on it and had a real go at him. Unfortunately, it was another very awkward 15 minutes before we were able to actually get off the plane...

Though if you wait until they start including your name you know you've probably pushed it a bit far.

I did this once. Not on purpose, just sitting enjoying a drink in the departure lounge and underestimated how far it was to my gate...
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Thor on Today at 11:50:21 am »
Remind Me To Smile - Gary Numan
Must admit I only fly Ryanair to central France.  It's all relatively civilised.  The French airport is tiny, 12 years ago you could turn up, park the car (free) and walk onto the aircraft.  Sadly loads of other people cottoned on and now the parking is controlled and the usual baggage checks apply.  You can still park outside the airport but every so often the cops do a sweep and clobber all the freeloaders.  The car parks are also slowly filling up with weary looking UK vehicles with flat tyres.  Like Brexit, you pay to exit; they won't see their owners again. 
The Knowledge / Re: Padded cycling trousers that are semi respectable
« Last post by andrew_s on Today at 11:36:06 am »
I use hiking trousers (Berghaus Ortler II from GO)
Plain black apart from the odd logo so smart enough for the office, tough enough to cope with saddle wear, and with elastic drawcords at the ankle to keep the ends clear of bike bits or allow ventilated shins.

I'm another Brooks bum on a Berthoud saddle - no padding required out to 100 miles (at least). In fact, I reckon that the padding in most shorts is too soft to do much good, and just squashes down to nothing.
Food & Drink / Haricots de soissons
« Last post by citoyen on Today at 11:29:59 am »
Out of interest, I did some googling - haricots de soissons have been cultivated since the 18th century; cassoulet dates back to at least the 14th century.

Claims of authenticity in recipes are often overstated.
Audax / Re: ALPI 4000
« Last post by Peter on Today at 11:27:03 am »
I've read the link - what's the 4000 about?  Is it that the passes are over 4000 metres?
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