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[LEL17] Both Sides.
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A film for all those who have ridden LEL, and volunteered.

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Thank you.
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I would like to know how much the man with the back pack at 3:22  suffered from numb hands!

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Re: Both Sides.
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Most excellent, so much captured in 3 minutes.
I sat in my tent this evening - a small green hole - and pondered on my short stature, love of food and ale, hairy feet and the unlikeliness of being an adventurer.

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It's strange editing even these short videos. The guy who's forgotten his earplugs is Ian Hands, the shirts the two of them are wearing commemorate his father, and are for a club consisting of people who've done PBP in more than 88hrs 55minutes. There are a cluster of stories surrounding that, which could be a 15 minute film in itself. It's possible to construct that from the various fragments in other films.

I've got whole constellations of recall, as the source files still exist. Any recollections I have are reinforced many times as I review material. Sometimes I'm prompted to go back, and I find I've misremembered  or misinterpreted something.

An interesting effect of film-making is seeing the thread of ideas run through your own, and others' accounts. There are so many different blogs, and it's difficult to know where phrases originate. I can recognise certain formulations as my own, usually about some obscure historical, agricultural or geological fact.

My big discovery from LEL 2001 was the existence of the ski-lift at Yad Moss. That led to this 2005 film, which incorporates a Pathe news report from 1948, Belleville Rendezvous and Val d' Isere. The car park we're standing in at one point is where Drew Buck parked his camper van this year.