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The Pub / Re: What are you doing right now?
« Last post by matthew on Today at 10:54:01 pm »
Laying in my tent at wing and listening to the snoring from the next tent.
Audax / Re: A new audax club - Yellowbelly Randonneurs
« Last post by Bobby on Today at 10:51:50 pm »
I'm likely to be in Lincoln next month, do you know if there are any nice perms that go near/through Lincoln?  Was thinking 100 or 200k & have learnt the hard way that a perm is better than a DIY in an area you don't really know. 

On The Road / Re: Uber loses London licence
« Last post by David Martin on Today at 10:38:14 pm »
Uber's response to the announcement has not been to accept responsibility for it's own fate but instead it has tried to mobilise sympathy for all those drivers who will be out of work.
Yet not that long ago Uber was telling an employment tribunal that drivers were not employed by Uber and therefore were not eligible for sick pay, pensions or paid holidays. Go figure.

This pretty much dictates my response to this. The company are using a 'loophole' in creating a working relationship that is exploitative. It is pretty much the same as used by many companies 'subbing' professional drivers - DPD, yodel, Amazon Logistics etc.

The long term subcontracting pretence instead of direct employment  is being used to exploit some of the most vulnerable to the benefit of the unwitting middle class.
Audax / Re: Audax Club Hackney 'last Thursday of the month' drinks
« Last post by andyp on Today at 10:33:34 pm »
Hey that's great,  I've got to be in Cambridge on Friday morning, passing through London on the way up on Thursday night, so can be there! What time do you start?
Phototalk / photo tweaking software for a beginner?
« Last post by mike on Today at 10:32:38 pm »
I use (and love) lightroom for tweaking and organising my pics. 

A friend has just got a digital camera and doesnt want to spend money on the software part, any suggestions for what he should be using to do simple stuff like crop / edit curves / colour temp / etc ? 

Not sure if he's PC or mac.
The Knowledge / Re: Padded cycling trousers that are semi respectable
« Last post by jsabine on Today at 10:31:54 pm »
cycling with warm nurses


Last time I tried that I married herwent out with her for eight years and bought a house together.

Only then did it go wrong ...
For the same gear (and crank length), using a smaller chainring and sprocket combination results in a higher chain tension. That increases wear rate within the chain and between the chain and sprocket but does not change the torque tightening the freewheel onto the hub. That is because the difference in chain tension is directly compensated by the change in leverage from the sprocket diameter.
On The Road / Re: What changes would you make to cycling law?
« Last post by DuncanM on Today at 10:26:54 pm »
To answer the question, I'm not sure that the current law regarding the responsibilities that cyclists have is all that problematic.
Maybe the law regarding shared use paths needs to be clarified. Maybe they could be more clear on legality of lights and reflectors? I'm not sure speed limits are a relevance for bicycles. I'd prefer it if the limit for electrical assist was higher than 15mph, because it could make e-bikes much more useful as a daily mode of transport for more people, but if it resulted in mandatory insurance, helmets or plates, it's not worth it
The majority of the changes to road safety law that are needed apply to motor vehicles, not bicycles IMO.
Parts and Accessories / Rockbros folding bike travel bag
« Last post by itsbruce on Today at 10:18:02 pm »

Found this while looking for a soft travel bag that would take a small bike with room for clothes as padding.  What you get is a backpack with a travel bag inside it, so that you can arrive, unpack the bike and ride off with the travel bag on your back.


Sometimes (and at time of posting) available from UK eBay traders for £34
Currently costs £57 on Amazon.  Although there's no official UK shop, they're storing stock somewhere in the UK because they offer next day delivery.

Backpack: 16.65 * 5.9 * 14.17 inches (42.3 * 15 * 36 cm), so 22L capacity
Travel bag: 26.77 * 13.38 * 33.46 inches (34 * 68 * 85 cm)
Combined weight: 2.4 kg


Canvas with a (good quality) waterproof inner layer.  Fastenings and zips are enamelled steel.  A carrying handle, 2 webbing side pouches, two removable straps, a velcro sheath that can be used to combine the two straps into one (as an alternative way to carry by hand or to fasten the straps across your chest), two velcro fastenings that can be used to adjust the tension of the straps and/or to  hang the backpack from handlebars or a rack.

Construction quality is good all around, with no flimsy components or shoddy stitching.  It has fewer compartments than most cycling backpacks but the adaptability of the carrying/fastening options is impressive.

With the travel bag inside, there is a small amount of space left for other items.  You could fit in various toiletry items and a pair of Converse trainers in, for example.

Hanging the backpack from handlebars would only work with straight bars or shallow risers - not Brompton M - and would be helped by creative use of the straps to secure the bottom.

Travel bag

Same canvas as the backpack but a 3mm layer of foam padding and a water resistant inner layer.  Same quaiity of zips and fastenings, a small pouch on one side, a foldable insert with more padding to stiffen the base.  Restraining strap on the inside, the straps from the backpack can be transferred to the carry bag (which you will need to do while moving it because there are no other handles).

Again, the overall quality is good.  But while this actually offers more padding than many of the other soft travel bags on the market, it's not enough protection for a cargo hold.  You would want to put some bubblewrap and clothes around the bike.  There's room.

Folding the travel bag up again to fit it in the backpack is easy - as long as you leave the zips open a bit, otherwise you'll be wrestling with an inflatable bed (a testament to the integrity of the inside layers and the zips).


Simple, good idea.  Good quality kit. Adaptable to different combinations of transport and additional luggage. Cheap.  But it's a soft bag, so you'll need to add to the protection for a cargo hold.  Useful if you want one hold bag to fit both your clothes and your folder.

I'll be putting this to the test in a few days so will be able to report back.

Audax / Re: Old Roads and New by Jock Wadley
« Last post by jsabine on Today at 10:15:29 pm »
Earlier thread here at

Having never heard of the book (showing my ignorance), I'd now be quite keen to have the opportunity of reading it too. (Can avoid making dodgy bindings worse.)
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