Author Topic: So - what really is the correct way to apply Proofride to a new Brooks saddle?  (Read 4092 times)

Okay, in the end I've decide to apply just a minimal amount of Proofide with my finger to the top and edges (as also recommended here: ), but none to the bottom (my Brompton has mudguards). I'm going to let it soak it for at least a few days before buffing, but hope to ride on it this weekend.
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I was under the impression Proofide was designed to replace the natural oils that get leeched out when the saddle gets wet. I've never considered it a waterproofing agent in of itself.

Applying too much or too often and the leather will be more prone to stretching.

I only apply Proofide when the saddle is showing signs of drying out, that's once (and a light coating at that) in 6 years (similar to the one that was stolen).

I've never applied it to the underside of the saddle as I've never had that part show signs of drying out and the bike has full mudguards fitted, so not much water will ever get sprayed up there.
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That's the time to apply the Proofide, not the desired method
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Now you're talking!

And you'll be needing a virgin, a scarce commodity here in mid-Essex. And a unicorn, which is easier to source.

Of course THE VERY BEST way to apply Proofide is with a brush made of bristles from Wowbagger's beard.


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I never noticed Proofide actually doing anything, so I'm surprised it can be over-used.  Soaking in Neatsfoot, on the other hand, did too much and ruined my B17.

I was glad to get rid of it, TBH.  I don't have a Brooks-shaped arse, or rather a Brooks-textured arse.
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I've just done a count, and five of my machines have Brooks saddles. Those all have mudguards, so soaking from below isn't an issue, except perhaps on the trike, which doesn't have rear guards.

I've always applied Proofide to the bottom only. This is more to do with assuming that getting grease onto clothing would be an issue with applying it from above. Obviously I wouldn't ride straight after an application, but it sounds from what people say here as though it really does soak in completely? Looks like opinions are varied anyway about the best approach, though.

I'm not very systematic, so I tend to do it when I get the saddle, and if it looks like it needs it (which would not be anything like every six months).

I don't know what 'when it looks like it needs it' means but I fitted by B17 (honey, if it's important) in 2016. Used proofide on it underneath and on top and I've forgotten to do it ever since - I've even lost the special cloth I wasted money on because it had a brooks logo.

The only successful moulding I have since achieved was a very wet two days in Germany in 2017. Since then it has been absolutely perfect and really comfy (although I considered it quite comfy straight out of the box). It's been wet on several occasions since and the bike is currently sitting in a cold shed in the garden but that has been in England.

So, the solution is to go touring in Germany in the rain and that way avoid all the chanting with virgins on a full moon nonsense above*.

* of course you might like chanting with virgins but you can do that for other reasons. For some reason showing my used saddle doesn't ever have appeared to have impressed a girl, virgin or not - perhaps I've been doing it wrong....
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