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Why do nasty people win out
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There is trouble in the road with some near neighbours.  They had a lot of work done by a very nice bunch of builders/roofers who have worked in the road almost constantly for over 2 years, moving from house to house as pople realise how good they are.  Something happened between them (I only know partially one side of the story) and they became verbally abusive to the builders, threatened to sue and refused to pay the invoice.  They are now refusing to allow him onto their land to access adjoining properties and bad mouthing him to other residents.  They have also ratted on him to H&S, the council and building control who stopped him using ladders (which all roofers do) for more than 5 minutes which means he needs scaffold for even the smallest jobs (£1000 extra on ours).  Have just heard that they bullied our neighbour into having a tall fence erected (against their wishes) and getting them to pay half.  Neighbours on their other side have been bullied into a smaller extension than planned as well.  While we have to look out on a carbuncle of a garden building that they have put up in a raised position in their garden that towers over the fences.  And they put anti fox spikes on the fence!

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The "Super Twat" thread has room for couples too!

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I was speaking to the builder today, he's doing some fencing for us, and the carbuncle is legal.  They knew when they were asked to erect it that it was tall so they made sure that it is 2.45 from the highest part of the garden, the far end.  The foundation sleepers are dug in to the raised bank at the far end of the garden but there are 5 stacked sleepers at the front end of the building.