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I read that purely because it was written by Marina Hyde, and I always read MH's stuff. But it's actually quite hard for me to comprehend what is going on as I don't know the back story. I think it's not the first time that Marina has written about it, but since I never find out anything else about WAGs and their dark underworld, I don't know what was said about whom by whom. And I don't care.

I suppose this doesn't really belong in the Sport board - although I suppose for slebs, fighting libel cases is a form of sport. Come to think of it, I'm not sure why I bothered to post. Maybe I'm after someone who does know the back story to give me a potted history of it so that I don't have to trawl through lots of pages of tabloid shite in order to find out what's going on.
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Someone was leaking Stuffs about Mrs Rooney to The Sc*m from a private Instagram thingie.  Mrs C suspected Mrs Vardy so planted a couple of fake stories, to which only the two of them had access.  Said stories duly appeared in Don Rupino's shit-sheet.  “Gotcha!” cries Mrs C, for surely this was the smoking gnu gun she sought.  “I never!” replies Mrs V.  Legal proceedings ensued.

Also, “Wagnarok” made me done a roffle.
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With no Argentina defenders chasing him, he first slowed to a trot and then stood in the Argentina in-goal area holding the ball and looked to the England bench for advice on what to do.
He was advised to run down the clock and proceeded to stand there for more than two minutes, with no Argentina defender approaching him, despite encouragement - but not insistence - from the referee for either Homer to put the ball down or a defender to force him to do so.
Poor show.  You see this sort of thing in the 11 man game from time to time, but I would have thought the more gentlemanly game would treat this more seriously.
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