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Where The Wild Things Are / Re: What is your pet doing right now?*
« Last post by lou boutin on Today at 08:12:53 pm »
Milly the Cat is sitting on the arm of the chair next to me.  She's just recovering from a few, recent vet visits that resulted in lots of kitty swear words being thrown in the vet's direction and her biting my finger when I collected her. I was not amused since the little monkey had just just cost me nearly £500.

About 4 months ago Milly was diagnosed with feline diabetes and required low carbohydrate cat food, and twice daily insulin injections.  However, the early hours of Friday morning last week, she became hypoglycaemic and I ended up feeding her honey and doing a mad rush to the vets.  By the time I got her to the vets she was more with it although her blood sugars were still very low.  They gave her lots of naughty treats and after an hour she perked up no end, and I brought her home with the orders of no more insulin, feed her every hour and take back to the vets as soon as they open. It appears that Milly may have gone into spontaneous recovery - cats can do that with diabetes.  So she is now being monitored for the next month with diabetic food but no insulin.  it may be that she no longer needs insulin or she might need a much much lower dose of insulin although since her glucose levels remained stable during a curve test on Monday, this is unlikely. 
The Knowledge / Re: Things you only do once
« Last post by mzjo on Today at 08:12:16 pm »
Riding your rod-braked three-speed down a narrow Cotswold lane in the wet. It is possible to do a controlled stop by turning the front wheel in to the wall - but you need to be a top operator to do the "controlled" bit. I should add that the brake blocks are worn out and the levers come back to the bars because the adjusting nuts are seized solid. Chrome rims of course.
(The lane in question was somewhere in the middle of Winchcombe, for those who know the area. Half a century ago and I can still remember it)
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Si S on Today at 08:00:00 pm »
Give Out But Don't Give Up - Primal Scream
Audax / Re: Double Dutch 200 Easter Saturday
« Last post by the straggler on Today at 07:59:47 pm »
Alas, I forgot about this ride when agreeing to join an arrow team again. Next year!

Still possible to enter and complete  next weekend Double Dutch 200km.

Just do your planned 400km route  to York on Thursday evening say 7pm. Arrive in York on Friday evening by 7pm. Set off to Huntingdon for 250km in 13 hours, start the DD event at 8 am. Complete the 200km event and finally ECE home.

I guess...this challenge is not beyond your capabilities!
The Pub / Re: More nominative determinism
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 07:46:08 pm »
Head teacher named Snow arranges Staff v Pupils snowball fight.
The Knowledge / Re: Rear Hub Broken, Seeking New
« Last post by LittleWheelsandBig on Today at 07:22:56 pm »
I only know how to swear in English and French. How about you?
Food & Drink / Re: What are you having for supper tonight?
« Last post by rafletcher on Today at 07:22:18 pm »
Rib-eye steak (from a farm 2 miles away) , purple sprouting, Jersey Royals and mushrooms. Mmmm
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by CAMRAMan on Today at 07:18:12 pm »
Givin' It All Away - Bachman Turner Overdrive
Freewheeling / Re: Future Classics?
« Last post by zigzag on Today at 07:12:27 pm »
imo, the whole cycling industry is way (decades) behind motor industry in terms of innovation and design. the way i see it is that a future classic is yet to be created - hopefully in the near future!
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