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Arts and Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks Series 3
« Last post by citoyen on Today at 11:40:52 pm »
No, haven't had time to watch much telly lately. Saving it all for a big binge at some point.

I heard about Bowie's appearance. Sounds brilliant!  ;D
Freewheeling / Re: What colour should I have a 1994 Kona Kilauea?
« Last post by Arellcat on Today at 11:32:23 pm »
pronounced ah-ah apparently

But usually spelled ʻaʻā, from the Hawaiian for stony lava.  I daresay Joe Murray opted for the Anglicised version for simplicity and marketability.
Audax / Re: Mille Pennines 6th July 2018
« Last post by Ajax Bay on Today at 11:31:31 pm »
Via Wasdale Head, Styhead and Seatoller: 10 miles less and 100+m climb less. Thank you for the 'heads up', Deano. Worth thinking about, though maybe not on road tyres.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Twin Peaks Series 3
« Last post by Karla on Today at 11:27:01 pm »
So David Bowie has turned into a giant menacing teapot.  Now I've seen it all.

Citoyen, are you still watching?  What do you make of it?
Dad has a hospital appointment tomorrow.

'Please bring this letter. If you do not have this letter, please contact us on the number above.'

I bet the number ends in "XXXX".

I never looked at the letterhead TBH. Dad has letter so it matters nor.
I know the phone number of that hospital anyway and I'd ring that (and lose the will to live) if needed. Anyway Mum is taking Dad.
The Pub / Re: The Grumble Thread - No energy for a full on rant.
« Last post by Kim on Today at 11:19:24 pm »
This is why I like email, as you can just use "Hi,"
The Pub / Re: The Grumble Thread - No energy for a full on rant.
« Last post by Basil on Today at 11:11:25 pm »
Dear Company Name or dear Department Name 8f you know it.
I've written Dear Ceredigion Council a few times.

The 80's humorous Dear Sir or Mad Man is probably no longer acceptable.
Audax / Re: Mille Pennines 6th July 2018
« Last post by Deano on Today at 11:10:21 pm »
That'd be a much easier start to day 2 - it's a relatively (!) easy run  to Middleton, even bearing in mind the 4 miles uphill from Brough.

Seems a bit previous, though - and I reckon you could shave miles off if you went over Styhead to Seatoller ;D
On The Road / Re: Cyclist killed near Ashford
« Last post by Moose57 on Today at 11:04:55 pm »
I am Sec of a local club that has seen its own TT suffer badly because this road is used for at least two local clubs TT, it is a fast course but at what cost? Our course is a much more technical (hilly) course so has slower times.
I don't understand the seeking out of "fast courses" to set a PB on, surely a PB on each course means something?
Very sad for the riders friends and family.
Freewheeling / Re: If you haven't had a puncture for a while....
« Last post by Kim on Today at 11:03:19 pm »
My solution is to never have the pump mounted on the bike, in addition to having the same number of pumps as I have bags.
Works, so far.

A combination of this, and deliberately taking off and frobbing the bike-mounted pumps whenever I clean their associated bikes.

This works because it's the tourer, which gets a proper once-over before big trips, and the Brompton, which is so good at accumulating muck that it wouldn't be allowed indoors without the occasional clean.  Not so good for a commuter bike that follows a regime of concentrated neglect, but those are better off with the pump in the bag anyway.
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