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Re: Old pianos
« Reply #100 on: April 16, 2018, 11:57:53 am »
Arising out of the above, the February 9th visit has now been moved to 13th March, then 3rd April, 17th April and now he finds he's short-staffed and has pushed it onto 22nd May. I have let him know that I am extremely pissed off, not least because the piano's dampers still aren't as they should be (some of them allow notes to continue just a fraction of a second too long) and there are one or two slightly "tinny" notes in a piano which otherwise has a beautifully mellow tone. Also, the terms of the 5 year guarantee are that it is tuned not less than every 6 months, by a tuner recommended by them, with a first tuning recommended at 3 months. When he came in November, which was about 7 weeks after it was delivered, it didn't need tuning, and it's not badly out of tune now - apparently Bl├╝thner pianos have excellent stability - but it comes to something when the man himself finds he can't meet the terms of his own guarantee. He has also griped that it is a very long way to come - well, the distance between Oxford & Southend hasn't become any greater since he sold the bloody thing to me. His website boasts of a customer near Lands End. I wonder what sort of after-sales service that guy got?

He has given me dispensation to get another tuner in, so I will contact Val Hodgson, who last tuned my Bechstein before it went to Maidstone.

The conclusion I have drawn is that Roberts Pianos of Oxford sell wonderful pianos but that they are really shit at after sales service.
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Re: Old pianos
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We're just back from Welsh Wales but David perused the Piano Auctions website last night. There was an auction on April 12. Seems there was WIDE disparity 'twixt valuation and hammer price for some items, though some were spot on.