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Audax / Re: Blackpool-Glasgow-Blackpool 22nd Sept 2017
« Last post by FifeingEejit on Today at 04:17:03 pm »
Weather forecast starting to look reasonable; once the thunderstorm at the start is over that is!

Hopefully the trains calm down a bit too...
Freewheeling / Re: VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square
« Last post by fboab on Today at 04:12:49 pm »
[tapatalk allows you post images direct]
Rides and Touring / Re: ACME goes Dutch
« Last post by Jem on Today at 03:57:33 pm »
Well that was an amazing experience. My firs .proper cycling tour and I could not have wished for better company. I learnt a lot. Laughed a lot. Ate a lot and enjoyed leading the Lynx and Grey Sheep astray with strong, dark Belgians. I rode more COR than I ever thought I could and fell off more times in two days than in the past 14 years but hey, how else do you learn? I clung onto Huggx or Grey sheeps wheels when things got tough while the Lynx made sure I wasn't left in my least favourite position - at the back. 

I enjoyed the morning TTs with Jibers but thanked the storks for their strategic placement just as I thought my lungs were going to explode.  l cursed the wind on the last day but was thriled to bits to be reunited with everyone for the last supper before sailing. I was.quite.literally beaming from ear to ear. I even learnt about navigation lights from Grey Sheep and the Duke on the ferry.

Thanks to everyone involved but especially the Full Experience gang for making me feel part of the group. Huggy's comment that I am an  "honorary boy" made my trip.
 (comment made before 00h00 therefore allowed :-))

If this does become an annual adventure, we'll definitely be back.

It was the shitadel of cycling experiences. :-) :-)

PBP 2019 / Re: Travel to PBP; was Re: Wander Wye
« Last post by Ian H on Today at 03:54:31 pm »
Packing a fixed wheel bike is easier!
Riding it there & back is easier still.

Have you ever done PBP on fixed Ian??
As if I'd do such a thing.
Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by Andrij on Today at 03:53:55 pm »

Out this morning for a 20km shake-down ride on the loaner bike.  Wish I didn't have to wait nearly two weeks before hitting the road, but life kept getting in the way.  Weather was lovely, and the roads around here roll just enough to build up some speed and cause one to shift a gear or three.  Did a couple of very short stretches on main roads (wanted to stick to the residential streets until I was comfortable on the bicycle and used to riding on the right) and it was amazing - no one tried to pass me in my lane, anyone behind me pulled into the other lane to pass.  Not so sure they'd be that considerate during rush hour.  While cycling around here is picking up a bit, it appears to be more leisure than utility or commuting, so I think a cyclist on a busy main road scares drivers a bit.  Which is good, as the road surfaces can be treacherous and one needs room to weave.

I'm planning a 130km towpath ride 'soon', but I still need to negotiate with my driver/host/mother and determine if she wants to do the 100km drive early in the morning to take me to one end of the towpath or late afternoon to pick me up (the other end of the towpath being around 20km from home).
Health & Fitness / Re: Cross Training: Rowing
« Last post by ElyDave on Today at 03:53:20 pm »
short of time today, 30 minute lunchtime erg session, sweaty.
The Pub / Re: I’m getting excited.
« Last post by ElyDave on Today at 03:52:23 pm »
my heart falls when I receive a new fruit-based implement as I realise how little I know and how much I need to set up.

Dumb phone - insert SIM, insert battery = GO  ;D
I've received a total of one telegram - from my sister, a birthday greeting when she was studying in Russia.

I sort of span the timeline of telex/fax/e-mail in my professional life having gone from trawling through poorly indexed paper design files with supplier costs on telex and fax, to poorly indexed online design files with supplier info on pdf.  It's no easier.
Audax / Re: Where do permanent Events start from and go - can you help?
« Last post by Ajax Bay on Today at 03:50:01 pm »
Earlier (2013!) thread
NB not the answer to your question, James. I think Phil W stated his intent in the early posts of this thread. He hoped to have it accessible shortly.
Audax / Re: Ride with GPS Premium subscription
« Last post by wilkyboy on Today at 03:47:47 pm »
RideWithGPS is, for most route-plotting, the most complete tool there is, and also the easiest to use, certainly for the way that I set routes up.  (I also use BikeHike for it's OS-maps loveliness when plotting offroad/bikepacking routes.)  I have not come across any other tool that comes close.

I have set up well over a thousand routes on RWGPS over the years, so I have had enormous utility from it, first on free then on Premium for the past three or four years.

Whenever I had pinged their support team, they have been helpful human beings.

Running a service such as RWGPS is not free.

Therefore I am more than happy to pay for Premium.

I let my Strava subscription lapse, as it's not all that useful, although I do pay for Veloviewer to keep on top of my square-bagging ...
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