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The Knowledge / Re: To moustache or not moustache?
« Last post by ijsbrand on Today at 04:21:59 pm »
Had them on my main commuter for several years, but never liked their width, except in slow city traffic. So I mainly used to lean on the aero bars I had mounted on top of the moustache bar.

Went over to a 44 cm wide Chinese drop bar made of 22.2 mm aluminium tubing, so the shifters would still fit, and never looked back.
Audax / Re: Daily Telegraph: 'Big up to Audax'
« Last post by Delph Cyclist on Today at 04:10:44 pm »
Or has someone stepped up for this?

Guilty as charged - as of about 2 weeks ago, subject to approval at the next AGM, although I don't think we've got it updated on the web site yet.

On the contrary, I see we have you at  It seems appropriate that the Comms Director should be able to get this particular appointment announced.  Best of luck with this post.  For my part, I was delighted to have been able to pass on the Membership role to some very capable hands.
Freewheeling / Re: E bikes - 'the next big thing'
« Last post by Kim on Today at 04:04:30 pm »
IEC C13/14 connectors.  You know it makes sense.
Phototalk / Re: Have you been out with your camera today?
« Last post by Jaded on Today at 03:42:25 pm »
I believe that, in Scotland, you need permission from SNH to photograph bats...
GPS / Re: VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square
« Last post by Phil W on Today at 03:42:24 pm »
Or you can bring up Ordnance Survey maps on Bing to get rights of way
The Pub / Re: modern life is rubbish
« Last post by mrcharly-YHT on Today at 03:35:43 pm »
I dislike like the person I shall call 'MrDictionary'. This is the person who, when you ask them how to spell a word, recites the entire dictionary.

Or, when in a meeting, you ask them "Does this process produce x or y?", they gabble the Cyrillic alphabet. You listen to them patiently (or impatiently) for 20 minutes - they are a sensitive soul, you dare not interrupt them - then you have to ask they question again. At this point they look offended, confused and say that they aren't sure.
Audax / Re: Daily Telegraph: Positive article on Audax
« Last post by LittleWheelsandBig on Today at 03:24:32 pm »
On the longer events it's not too difficult to manage both.

Not everybody is so quick, at either pastime...
Audax / Re: A Catholic Education 200 23 June
« Last post by Phil W on Today at 03:20:03 pm »
For Hexton the roads are quieter via going right as you pass Shillington to Higham Gobian then take the first left (by the business park) to Hexton.  This also has the advantage of taking riders past the Lavender tea rooms and Raven pub in Hexton if they need extra drinks or food.  It is also a km shorter, than the way the signs to Hexton would take you.  If it is really hot there is also a tap by the porch at Lilley church (if you think the pub would be too tempting).

I did not meet any riders going the opposite way on the road between Bedmond (The white church on Sergehill) and Potters Crouch (Hollybush pub) but the time window for this was somewhat small, on Sat.
The Pub / Re: The Good News / Bad News Thread
« Last post by fimm on Today at 03:17:03 pm »
Depends on the value of the thing, and the staff, I suspect.
My experience was I wandered in, said "hello I am Mrs <UnusualName> an my husband has ordered a <widget> and we wondered if I could pick it up seeing as I was passing" and they gave it to me (I may have shown my driving licence, I can't remember). But the widget was very small (something for repairing punctures in tubeless tyres. No, me neither). They did say they wouldn't have done that if it had been a bike!
GPS / Re: VeloViewer Explorer Score and Max Square
« Last post by jiberjaber on Today at 03:16:26 pm »
This is quite a good resource, saves having to search each authorities PROW map

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