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OT Knowledge / Re: LED room lighting (again)
« Last post by fuaran on Yesterday at 11:46:24 pm »
Ikea have LED bulbs for £0.90. Either B22 or E27. Only 400 lumens, 5W, so not the brightest. But could be useful in some rooms. Anyone tried them?
GPS / Re: Sensor battery life
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 11:39:20 pm »
Hmm, I seem to have changed the batteries in my Wahoo RPM (accelerometer-based) speed and cadence sensors after *peers at per-bike stats* roughly 4000km/200hours use over 2 calendar years.

My Garmin HRM is on its second battery and strap, after I replaced them both earlier this year.  Hard to estimate the hours of use that's had (I don't wear it for every ride, and occasionally wear it for several hours of not-actually-riding time around a ride), but I bought it at the start of 2013.  It seems to be misreading again, not sure if that's the battery, the cheapo strap failing, compromised waterproofing or I'm just not sweating reliably in the colder weather.

I note that none of these devices are conducive to making precision current measurements while in operation...
Audax / Re: The AUK Regulations
« Last post by Manotea on Yesterday at 11:33:12 pm »
I used Google Docs as it was very accessible and allowed for collaborative editing and commenting. I wouldn't use it for the 'reference' document as it is an inherently 'open' format, better to make it a pdf.

Happy to make it 14.3 - 15 km/ph (though offhand I cannot remember any events run with a scheduled minimum speed of, say, 14.85km/ph) but the 'up to' in the phrase 'maximum speed up to 30km/ph is redundant.

Hang on, you're having a laugh... :)

Arts and Entertainment / Re: What was the last film you watched?
« Last post by Andrij on Yesterday at 11:24:44 pm »
The Most Unknown on Netflix.

IMDB summary:
The Most Unknown is an epic documentary film that sends nine scientists to extraordinary parts of the world to uncover unexpected answers to some of humanity's biggest questions. How did life begin? What is time? What is consciousness? How much do we really know? By introducing researchers from diverse backgrounds for the first time, then dropping them into new, immersive field work they previously hadn't tackled, the film reveals the true potential of interdisciplinary collaboration, pushing the boundaries of how science storytelling is approached. What emerges is a deeply human trip to the foundations of discovery and a powerful reminder that the unanswered questions are the most crucial ones to pose.

I like the end product, but think it would have worked even better as a series.
GPS / Sensor battery life
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Yesterday at 11:20:01 pm »

On my bike I have 3 wahoo sensors, cadence, speed, and heart rate. According to Wahoo the battery life for all of these sensors is "1 year". I've taken that to mean "1 calendar year of use" rather than 8760 hours of use. Thing is, I don't get anywhere near that. I've changed the battery on all 3 sensors at least once, and I've just changed the speed sensor battery for the 2nd time. The later seems to last exactly 6 calendar months of my usage.

I'm using Duracell CR2032 batteries. Is this on a par with what others get from their sensors? Wish Wahoo would give a life in terms of actual hours of use.

Audax / Re: Belgium rides 2019
« Last post by quixoticgeek on Yesterday at 11:04:36 pm »
Should we be worried about ice? and Buienradar don't quite agree on their forecast. The Dutch have snow arriving no earlier than ~2300. The Norwegians say it will start to precipitate around ~1900. Two prolongued periods of sub zero tonight, and tomorrow night (I don't have data for before that to hand), means the ground may be cold enough for what falls out the sky to freeze. Maybe. I don't know what sort of roads the route is taking, or how well salted they are. I think this puts conditions in the territory of "interesting". Faster riders should be fine. Lantern Rouge may have to keep spare underwear handy...

Grams, do introduce yourself at the start. I'm the Brit with the red Genesis bike covered in bike packing luggage and tri bars.

The Pub / Re: What Happens To All The Skewers?
« Last post by Butterfly on Yesterday at 10:56:15 pm »
They run away with coat hangars.

I think I might be where coat hangers run to. Possibly also skewers.
Rides and Touring / Re: January in Mallorca??
« Last post by jiberjaber on Yesterday at 10:44:35 pm »
Ace. I'll be sticking to my g-ones anyhow. I'll let the other chaps know
Rides and Touring / Re: Tan Hill Overnighter 14 December 2018: It's Christmas!!!
« Last post by Deano on Yesterday at 10:44:28 pm »
I've gone for the no studs option (but still fat tyres: 43mm!), which probably means it'll snow. Bar Mitts are on though. ;D

I'll be riding up from Oxenholme, as it was the cheapest place I could find a train ticket to this morning when I finally bothered booking. Didn't fancy riding from anywhere north, given the likelihood of a headwind - sojournermike, you should have a lovely wind-assisted ride! I did consider going from Harrogate but it's too much of a faff getting there.

Ah, nice and flat then.
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