Author Topic: [HAMR] Teethgrinder at the Mersey Roads 2017  (Read 1274 times)

[HAMR] Teethgrinder at the Mersey Roads 2017
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From Kajsa's FB page:

As part of his 1 Year Time Trial, Steve has been asked whether he would like to ride for the Arctic Tacx RT team in the CTT National 24 Hour time trial. He has said yes, and will be riding alongside Michael Broadwith and Jonathan Shubert as the team try to retain their national title from 2016.

Steve will provisionally staying the night before the race (Friday 21st July) at the Telford International Centre Premier Inn, and will be having dinner at the Nando’s restaurant there (from 8.30pm). If anyone would like to join him, and see how he is faring 4 months into his challenge, then he would be very grateful for a decent night out - especially as he will have the rare luxury of a comparative lie in.

Also, if anyone were able to offer assistance to Steve during the race (22/23rd July) slightly further north then that would be very much appreciated. If you are interested in coming along for dinner or helping Steve during the race then please contact Kajsa or Mike.

If anyone who knows the race (or doesn't) would be happy to help Steve over the weekend then please do let me know - it would be great if he could spend a few miles without his panniers etc. He was also hopeful about getting a few people to Nando's the night before if you're in striking distance of Telford. Any questions, please ask as it's tricky organising something for someone who is essentially never available for discussion - but hopefully this will be something to give him a little more variety to his days, an event to look forward where will be loads of support , and it would be ace if we could help him bag himself a National Champions medal in the process  :thumbsup:

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I suppose I am within "striking distance" of Telford.

But... Nando's?  :sick:
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