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The Pub / Re: Tales from the Lock-Down
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 02:48:24 pm »
Grow Your Own / Re: What have you done on the plot today?
« Last post by madcow on Today at 02:45:59 pm »
We had 3 allotments occupied this time last year. Now we have 7.
Only one is what I would call a corona virus decision.

In fact ,occupied is a bit of an overstatement as they all started out as an arable field  that was full of docks and couch.
Nobody has refused a bit of chemical assistance in clearing the weeds.

My neighbour, the only farmer left in the village,gave us some cow  muck and another neighbour (who works on the farm) gave us a load of topsoil that he was clearing out of his garden.
Everyone has gone for raised beds , with two trying no dig methods.
The soil is medium to heavy but structurally knackered as it sits wet in winter .
Great for brassicas and onions , crap for everything else.

This winter the parish council secured lottery funding for water troughs so compared with two years ago, this dry spell isn't too difficult.

The only plants still to go out are my second lot of squashes, some tomatoes (9  plants out already) and some late sown kale and PSB which will hopefully be the winter greens.
Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by Beardy on Today at 02:39:18 pm »
The Fenix 6 pro sapphire was a bit of an indulgence but it’s a fantastic watch. I’m glad I resisted the urge to buy an Apple Watch and bought this instead. I’m hoping to learn how to use some of the functions one day.  :o My only real disappointment is the inability to listen to audible on the watch. There appear to be work around, but I’ve not yet explored those because they seem somewhat long winded.
Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by Polar Bear on Today at 02:35:52 pm »
I prefer podcasts and stuff on my walks but don't listen to anything when running.  My dilemma with carrying a phone or not is that if I have an accident (and I have in the past) I will need a phone.

VO2 is supposed to be more accurate on newer models too.

Audax / Re: LEJOG: 26 - 31 JULY 2020
« Last post by Davef on Today at 02:30:30 pm »

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The Knowledge / Cycle-specific speed warning signs
« Last post by Davef on Today at 02:19:51 pm »
Bicycle in a red triangle is warning of a cycle route ahead. I always thought the no cycling (bicycle in a red circle) should have a diagonal slash.

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The circle is the prohibition, some countries added score throughs which arguably are double negatives.
If you have a time machine can you head to the meetings at which both the Geneva Protocol (irish signage) and Venice Convention (most of Eurasian signage) and give them a boot up the arse about how open to interpretation its ended up, and also... stop the french from getting their way with Prioritie A'Droit, as the proliferation of priority diamonds all over europe demonstrate it was bloody stupid.
I was not questioning the history. I was pointing out the average man in the street or canal would understand them better with a slash.

on seeing the “no u turns sign” nobody thinks ah, “forbidden, no u turns ... that means I have to do a u turn”.

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Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by Greenbank on Today at 02:18:29 pm »
I'm keeping an eye out for a cheap 945 on eBay, and then I'll sell my great condition 935 to part fund the upgrade. Aiming to get it down to just £100 difference. pricespy is telling me I can get a 945 for just £382.99 somewhere although I haven't investigated how realistic that is.

I like the idea of the Pulse Oximeter on the 945, and the ability to play music without needing to carry a phone (I don't listen to anything when running but the ability to do a walk with music and not carry my mobile is nice).

Otherwise it's just an unnecessary toy upgrade.
The Pub / Re: If you go down to the woods today........
« Last post by Jurek on Today at 02:15:55 pm »


Some gun happy bastards will probably shoot the poor thing  >:(

That's up there with the piss-head who took upon himself to wrestle with a bear in it's enclosure in a Warsaw zoo.
Insider knowledge allows me to translate the first bit of audible dialogue as "Look at that cretin".
Clothing / Castillo Unlimited gloves.
« Last post by Andy W on Today at 02:13:30 pm »
I've just bought a pair of Castelli Unlimited gloves. The sun gives my fingers gives so I use long fingered gloves to reduce exposure. They're very well made but come up really small. Mine are the biggest, that is XXL. FYI 185 cm tall and 80 kg so not a small man but certainly not huge. I've worked in construction for 42 years and my kids used to call me Shrek because I've big hands. That said, I'm slim, run and cycle have low body fat so I'm disappointed that iseem unable to buy gloves that fit big hands.
The Pub / Re: Confessions of a tool junkie
« Last post by robgul on Today at 02:09:54 pm »
That's what I could do with but (a) my ceiling would fall in and (b) I'd be bashing my head on it all the time.  I've thought of building a DIY one into my dexion shelving, though.

.... it's just about clear of my head (I'm about 6'4") by about 1.5 inches (will be more when I can get a haircut  ;D) - I now have some yellow fluo tape on the timber frame holding it just as a reminder.

In the same vein - I have insatlled a run of 40mm waste pipe along the wall above the benching with Tee pieces to connect the various dust creating machines (mitre saw, table saw, sander, routers, bandsaw etc) - that connects to a Henry vacuum cleaner ( at the moment it's direct but I have a small cyclone that'll be on a separate collection drum)   Machines all use flexible hoses with 40mm waste pipe push fit connectors - too complicated to make blast gates so I keep all the Tee inputs closed with a simple waste pipe plug and just remove the nearest plug and connect the hose from the machine in use.  The Henry is on a plug-in socket unit that has a remote control.  It all works a treat to capture most of the sawdust.


Edit:  If you're wonderng, the grey shrouds in the background are lightweight plastic/nylon covers that are fitted over 3 of my bikes that hang in the garage to reduce the dust.
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