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On The Road / Re: Enforcement of speed limits for motors
« Last post by Wanlock Dod on Today at 10:21:11 pm »
Why has no council given it a try?
Councils have spent billions of pounds over many decades facilitating motorisation, perhaps they only ever implemented 20 mph speed limits to pay lip service to the principle n the hope and expectation that they would never actually be enforced.
Scottish councils can charge a workplace parking levy, and English councils can now impose fines for parking in cycle lanes but do any of them actually bother despite having spent over a decade complaining that they don’t have enough money?
Rides and Touring / Re: Dunwich Dynamo, 4th/5th July 2020
« Last post by grams on Today at 10:18:13 pm »
Checking the various Strava segments along the route there were about 40 recorded on Sunday*, and clicking through a sample most were people doing the full route. You can probably double that for non-Stravaites.

(* Strava lets you check segment matches "Today", but not for any day in the past)

I saw someone rode the last few miles from one of the inland Suffolk villages.

Raises paw.

Quite a few cars home going the other way. I overheard one person at the beach saying they were getting a taxi somewhere to get a train, and one person asking another rider what the nearest station was...
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Today at 10:17:45 pm »
Murderotic Woman ~ Pink Floyd
Further and Faster / Re: Base training
« Last post by rob on Today at 10:12:48 pm »
I am back on the turbo with an 8 week plan for an event that may or may not take place.  I have quit my job but the spare time I was supposed to have is being used for other things.  The turbo is currently on the patio while the weather holds.  I’ll need an alternative come Winter.
The Pub / Re: Arithmetic that makes you cringe
« Last post by SoreTween on Today at 10:02:02 pm »
many USAnians
suspect that USAnian road haulage companies get rich by hauling
more than the listed weight in their trucks, thereby accelerating the wear and tear on the highways.

In early 2018 I was working in Avenza, Italy, above which are mountains.  Mountains with giant bites out of them for they are made marble.  Name a famous Roman statue, it was almost certainly was once a lump of mountain within 10km of Avenza.  There were marble yards everywhere, more common around the industrial estates than charity shops on a UK high street.  Lumps of mountain are precariously perched upon knackered old trucks ^^^up there^^^ and brought down to the sea level yards powered by prayer and very well maintained brakes (accounting for 99.9999% of the maintenance effort expended upon said trucks in the decades since their birth).  One I saw was amazing, it was so bent of frame the offside wheels were skipping & spinning as it accelerated away unloaded.  At the yards techniques that would make a QA man weep/explode/aneurysm all at the same time were employed to remove the lumps of mountain from the trucks. 

You would think after so many hundreds of years of practice they'd have learned to put the baulks of timber across the flatbed so that the unloading telehandler could get it's forks underneath.  No.  Longitudinal timbers are the accepted way and another MUPE/telehandler/rusty tractor/building/rope/whatever preventing the telehandler pushing the lump off the far side was the technique.  Far from every time that worked.  Or, pick it up from the rear and pray.  Fervently.  Many, many times the building I was in shook as another lump got dropped in the yard next door.  They had a pile of bent and broken telehandler forks the size of a transit van.

Anyway...  One Sunday a colleague and I took the tourist tour up to the quarries.  We were shown the small family operations dating back generations and the big commercial outfits responsible for 100's of feet of reduction in one or two peaks.  One point of note in the commentary was the maximum weight of the blocks moved which hasn't changed much since they used oxen, gravity, rope and a plentiful supply of replacement oxen.  28,000 kg? I forget.  Glancing around the yard I asked the guide what happened to the oversize blocks? Each block is clearly marked with it's weight and right in front of us was a 7'x7'x9' or so lump even an amateur could see was waiting for export due to being excellent quality and over weight.  Do they lop a foot off the end or wait until dark to bring it down?  With a smile "I think you understand Italians very well" was the reply.

Happy days.  Cycling in those mountains is something I shall never forget, it wasn't hard to identify and hence avoid the certain death roads.  Simply beautiful part of the world.
On The Road / Re: e-scooter trial
« Last post by andrewc on Today at 09:49:09 pm »    Looks fun.....    50mph...... :jurek:
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Testing hard drives
« Last post by DaveJ on Today at 09:41:51 pm »
Disks on the Ubuntu Live CD/USB
The Pub / Re: You know you're middle aged when
« Last post by Cpt Sisko on Today at 09:36:35 pm »
So, it was a couple weeks ago, right in the middle of that shot hot spell and I was driving into town. On the pavement we four teens wearing, shall we say, skimpy summer attire. In the cycle path next to them was a bloke riding a really nice Burgundy coloured Brompton. I thought, nice bike!

Not just middle aged but ..........
The Knowledge / Re: Birthday bike present ideas
« Last post by road-runner on Today at 09:22:06 pm »
If she is your aunt my guess is that you are nowhere near 60, so let me play the age card as I am now in my 60s. By the time you get to this age you either have everything you need or you tend to know what you would buy should you need something. So, my suggestion is to be tactful and tactical - tell her that you have a birthday present in mind to buy her and ask her whether she would prefer it to be a surprise or whether she would prefer to know in advance so that she can advise you of a suitable item, brand, size or colour or whatever requirements she is particular about before you buy something that is not what she needs or wants.
The Knowledge / Re: Chilli tech bullet camera
« Last post by De Sisti on Today at 09:16:51 pm »
How about a Crosstour CT8500?

Here are a couple of reviews done by a chap in our club: ... 7-gvkDGZDI ... S44ywB2-Ls
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