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The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 07:32:55 pm »
If only. What I'd really love to do is send Flatus (it's a language teacher, so all within area) to observe one of his "lessons".  :demon:
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Today at 07:29:12 pm »
What the fuck can you do with a teacher who tells the class to "shshsh" because he can't hear the Facebook notifications on his phone?

Racing / Re: End to End Record Attempt(s)
« Last post by rob on Today at 07:24:14 pm »
Not sure if Jasmijn is going again this year.

According to her web site, she's going to have another go July or September this year.

That blog seems to have gone up today.   Good, honest write up and some interesting points on overtraining.   That was a lot of miles last year.
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by Beardy on Today at 07:22:06 pm »
We should be sympathising with the company.

Nah, they've got what's coming to them.

DHL undercut their previous logistics supplier but the bosses at KFC were so greedily focused on increasing their profit margin that they didn't check whether DHL were actually able to fulfil the contract.

And in any case, they should question how it is that DHL can afford to undercut their competitors to that extent - if as I suspect it's because they're paying lower wages and operating poorer working conditions for their employees, it would be immoral to give them the contract anyway.

The free market at its finest.
Shareholder economy, the only thing that matters in business these days is increasing shareholder value by whatever means necessary. The outsourcing allows you to turn a blind eye to the working conditions of your employees because technically they’re not your employees. The change started in the eighties when the dismantling of the unions also started. Oh, and 'wider shareholding' was encouraged during the sell off of the utilities.
Audax / Re: ECE question
« Last post by αdαmsκι on Today at 07:16:18 pm »
Problem is I have already submitted the route a while back... I should have asked all this first!!

I planned an ECE to a train station to get back into London, but after confirming the details with Martin I discovered there were no trains due to engineering works. I created a new route, emailed Martin explaining the situation and he was fine with me changing my plans.
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by rogerzilla on Today at 07:12:14 pm »
Minimum cultural awareness points to the BBC for using a black child in their video coverage!
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by andrewc on Today at 07:00:10 pm »
The empty shops will be good practice for Brexit, when the lorries are stuck in a 10 mile queue on the other side of the channel.   

A bad situation for the individual franchise holders though. 
The Knowledge / Re: Shimano Hydraulic Brake fitting help.
« Last post by rafletcher on Today at 06:58:32 pm »
Well it isn’t at the mo, but all the hose run is more vertical than horizontal. So tomorrow I’ll rotate the bike nose down to try and get the air out of the reservoir.

These are drop bar levers btw.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by CAMRAMan on Today at 06:57:33 pm »
Whispers = Fairground Attraction
The Pub / Re: The KFCopalypse
« Last post by citoyen on Today at 06:38:42 pm »
Fortunately, Nando's gets its chicken delivered by Ocado so I have nothing to fear.


Who are you calling posh?
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