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LEL 2017 / Re: LEL Suggestions Box
« Last post by PhilB on Today at 01:53:15 am »
Clear expectations about how much support DNFers can expect with getting themselves back to the start.
This might have been useful. I found myself as travel advisor to quite a few DNFs at Brampton, explaining to them how to book themselves and bikes back to London on the train. It's not that easy - and the savings by using the advance booking system (even for trains later the same day) were significant (£50 vs £115 walk up fare). On Monday 31st I merrily used the Virgin East Coast website with some success, come Tues 1st August they had moved completely to their new "improved" booking site with no bike reservation option. So I went over to GWR. Still had some issues with riders who had left their credit cards in their car at Loughton (why?) and a couple of Indian riders with prepaid mastercards which weren't useful at all.
In hindsight it would have been useful to have a sheet giving details generally of how to book bikes on trains which we could have given out.  Even for UK riders who don't usually travel by train it can be a bit tricky.

Maybe we went beyond the call of duty with this, but for the overseas riders there was a point where I felt it was a hospitality issue - and putting myself in their position I would have been grateful for the same assistance.

Well here's a story you may not be aware of even though it happened right next door to your "Travel Bureau". Around 6am on Wednesday morning I woke up a German rider in the Brampton dorm. When he emerged he looked confused and I tried to help and direct him, but couldn't get much other than he'd fallen off his bike in the night, was very tired and where were the toilets. 15 minutes later he was still sat in the corridor, saddle bag contents spread all round him and it was clear something wasn't right but the 2 of us couldn't communicate. I located a German speaking volunteer & we managed to ascertain that he felt he couldn't go on but was very worried about how he could get himself and his bike back to London.

Once we knew this we were able to explain a) we were close to a main line station and b) if he went round to the control desk someone would be able to assist him with train times, ticket purchase and directions to the station.

Five minutes later he was crying on my shoulder and thanking me profusely. I didn't think we'd done a lot at the time, but looking back on it, this poor chap was a tired & not feeling well, he was a long way from London and even further from home, and felt like he was alone with a problem he didn't know how to solve. Your Train Travel expertise meant we were able to help him solve his problem and allay his anxieties so I think it was exactly the right think to be doing and very much in the spirit of Audax :thumbsup:
Audax / Re: New event - Thanet Platinum 200
« Last post by jsabine on Today at 01:09:10 am »
I'd been thinking of dropping you a line offering to do a routecheck anyway, so I guess that's my cue to send a PM
The Pub / Re: BONG ..And Here is the Not News..BONG
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 12:50:28 am »
LEL 2017 / Re: Things about LEL I now recognise.
« Last post by Exit Stage Left on Today at 12:27:48 am »
I had a rider thank me for a film I made, at the end of the ride at Loughton. It was the 'LEL Cushion' one.

That was based on the conventional approach to PBP; 'Fast out, tour back'. That derives from the usual PBP Westerly, and works because you need to expend more effort into the headwind, in anticipation of a tailwind on the return. PBP 2011 had tailwind both ways, so lots of finishers.

LEL is more 'Make hay while the sun shines'. There's every chance of a tailwind on the way up, and a headwind on the way back. The message that intermediate control times would be subject to some latitude made sense in order to limit demand for beds. However, it removed the spur to make progress in the first half. PBP does that by making the out and back asymmetric in time terms, and adhering to control time discipline.

I got the impression that slower riders thought they'd be able to make time up on the return. That may have been based on PBP 2015 experience. But anyone who knows Britain, knows that the chances of a Northerly in August is remote.

There were plenty of finishers without Audax experience. But they were young, strong, keen, and had exercised due diligence in their research.

Arts and Entertainment / Re: all those 78's
« Last post by Torslanda on Today at 12:22:58 am »
Labour of love!
On The Road / Re: More parking availability means more car use?
« Last post by Kim on Today at 12:19:22 am »
York's new 'student village' appears not to have any car parking.

It's okay, they'll just plonk them outside the CrinklyDen.
Audax / Re: This is not a tour 400
« Last post by BlackSheep on Today at 12:17:17 am »
This ride is one of a number of events happening on the weekend of 2nd/3rd of June 2018.

There will be a range of event distances from 100km to 600km. There will also be long distance populaires.

All rides are a tribute/homage to Mike Hall, so to get some idea perhaps have a look at what he encountered on The Tour Divide. Then translate that into the Welsh countryside.

All procedes for these rides will go to charities.

Rather than getting carried away with this topic, can we wait a few days, then all will become a bit clearer.

We have an experienced team working on this on multiple platforms, Thanks.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: What books are we reading at the moment ?
« Last post by Torslanda on Today at 12:15:49 am »
Like I said, some damning indictments of modern British society . . .  >:(
Audax / Re: This is not a tour 400
« Last post by Wycombewheeler on Today at 12:02:13 am »
Does sound very interesting.
Audax / Re: Bryan Chapman Memorial 2018
« Last post by Wycombewheeler on Yesterday at 11:58:40 pm »
 42 quid ...   2 nights accomodation

If one night is on a Travelodge and one is in an audax hotel, maybe.
Tell you what, how about a wager? How many riders on the BCM do you think will manage Fri+Sun accom for less than £42? I mean actual money paid to a business. Just me? 3 riders? None at all (i.e. consistent with your statement)?

Go on, put a number on it it.
Been a long time since I paid less than £25 for a night anywhere. But I guess for 2 sharing twin rooms it could be done.

BUT the fact is 42 for this ride is cracking value. And the ride is definitely worth committing to early in order to get a place.
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