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Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 04:16:18 pm »
I had intended to do a 200km ride, which I'd had to put off from earlier in the month (or was it even last month? ::-)), yesterday, but then I saw the forecast of 50mph winds and thought better of it. Instead I went out for a little pootle in the morning, to the oil terminal then along the byway that runs parallel to the Billiard Table, have a little look at the dramway again, and home. Calm at first, by the time I got to the dramway it was getting pretty blustery so I was happy to head home. Shame! Brian never blew, or had already blown himself out over Ireland maybe.

And today? Yes, but utilitarian.
OT Knowledge / Printer recommendations: online or London-based
« Last post by Andrij on Today at 04:14:31 pm »
I have a 28 page A4 document (.pdf) which I need printed as an A5 booklet, in colour, 100 copies.  Ideally completed and collected/delivered by close of business this Wednesday (at a stretch early Thursday).  I also prefer not to have to take out a mortgage to get this done.

Share your wisdom and experience, please.  Where do I go?
The Dark Side / Re: Recumbent Commuting
« Last post by TPMB12 on Today at 04:09:34 pm »
There's a junction like that on my commute. As bad as it is the safest way through is filtering up one side and sometimes switching to the other if necessary.
The Pub / Re: The Grumble Thread - No energy for a full on rant.
« Last post by Andrij on Today at 04:09:09 pm »
I lost my tourer's bicycle computer while on a ride today.  >:(

It's been a bit loose in its (new) mount, but when it has fallen off I usually notice quite quickly.  Today it probably went within the last 5km - didn't notice until I got home.  One-way streets and the wind made retracing a PITA.  The tail end of my route was narrow roads (so could have bounced under a parked car) and parks/shared paths covered in leaves.  TBH, I struggled to convince myself to turn back and try to find it - too much riding into the wind today pretty much destroyed me. 

Thankfully I was also recording the ride on my eTrex30.  But guess I'm now in the market for a new computer.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Blade Runner 2049.
« Last post by mattc on Today at 04:08:16 pm »
Very very good  :) :thumbsup:

You can certainly point out flaws, so it's not on my "classics" list, but definitely 3 hours* well spent. I do try to spend my rare cinema tenners on stuff that benefits from a big screen and near-deafening sound systems, and this is definitely one. I particularly enjoyed all the longeurs (and the lack of teens in the theatre).

But where was all the orange?? The reviews all promised hours of orange, but it was only one short section. Hrrmph.

*It only took 2.5 to watch, but N insists on sitting down before even the adverts start  :facepalm:
Caption It / Caption It #1906
« Last post by hellymedic on Today at 04:02:11 pm »

(Shamelessly nicked from my Twitterfeed, from getwestlondon.)
Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by SoreTween on Today at 04:00:56 pm »
62km RDFCC club ride.  It was my first as a member of the club and well attended with 16 riders setting off as the bells of Parkend church struck 09:00.  One was lost en route, the wind prevented the two of us bellowing as he sailed straight on past a left turn being heard.  I was touched that the club took pity on their newest member and only ripped my legs off and beat me with the soggy ends on most of the climbs.
The Knowledge / Re: How wrong does this look?
« Last post by Bolt on Today at 03:54:48 pm »
Hideous. I still think you should send it to me for safekeeping.
I've just fitted a navy blue 10 litre saddlepack... OMG even I can't take a picture of it now :sick:
Rides and Touring / Re: Cycle touring in Colombia
« Last post by Andrij on Today at 03:43:13 pm »
Perhaps the Bicycle Touring & Bikepacking group on Bookface?
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Your internet BB speed ?
« Last post by citoyen on Today at 03:43:05 pm »
We switched ISP from BT to Vodafone last week. My wife is on a Vodafone mobile phone contract and they offered her a good deal, also promising that we would get slightly faster internet than we were getting with BT.

Our connection with BT wasn't great but it was at least useable - it only occurred to me after the event that I should have done a speed test before we were disconnected for reference, but looking back over the thread, I posted a speed test result of 21.15mb/s on 3rd September 2014, although Vodafone claim BT were only giving us a maximum of 17mb/s.

Our internet is now barely useable. Upload speeds are ridiculously slow, which is a real problem because I'm now working from home full time and need to be able to share large files with my colleagues. And when I'm uploading stuff, it clogs the upstream connection to the point that I can't even send email.

After numerous calls to Vodafone, we've finally got them to stop suggesting it's a problem with our internal WiFi network (nothing has changed inside the house except swapping from the BT to the Vodafone router) and they have promised they will "investigate". If I open the router interface in my browser, it claims that we're getting ~21mb/s, though this is demonstrably a lie (according to a speed test conducted using a computer connected directly to the router by ethernet with all other data-hungry hardware in the house powered off).

There is some potential good news on the horizon though. Our problem historically is that the green cabinet we're connected to is about a mile away, and the exchange is over six miles away. They installed FTTC a few years ago but we're still on copper for that last mile. However, while out walking the dog this morning, we noticed that a brand-new green cabinet had been installed less than 200m from our house, and it appears to be connected to the line that serves our house. This is potentially very exciting news indeed.....

Now it's just a case of finding out how we can take advantage of this new fibrous goodness.........
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