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Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by Polar Bear on Today at 11:37:15 am »
I was trying to recall similar Mike from the early noughties when I did some work for a very large UK retailer.  I just wasn't confident enough to suggest that it is 100%.

I do recall also how utterly shambolic said retailer was at calculating warehouse shelf cost to the extent that a scart lead would have the same shelf storage cost as an American style fridge freezer.   Scart leads were a consistent best seller by volume in those days.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Bought any computing stuff today?
« Last post by ian on Today at 11:31:59 am »
A new fancy waterproof Kindle Paperwhite so I don't have to put it in a plastic bag when reading in the bath (an exigency because I used to nick all the bags from the security checkpoint at Heathrow, they were a perfect size and thickness). I gave the old one (first generation paperwhite, still works, but a bit on the slow side) to my wife, who is unaccountably planning to read a book.
Audax / Re: Lost Audaxes
« Last post by salar55 on Today at 11:16:05 am »
Another 3, Johnstone wheelers Crianlarich circle and Kirkintilloch round the Katrine run 200 by the Ivy or the Nightingale. Another good 200 was run by the Hawick cycling club.
I am ‘Trapped in a Peach Talking to a Rat Person’

Me too.
Me three (or is that four?).
On The Road / Re: LTNs - BMJ article
« Last post by hatler on Today at 11:03:55 am »
Great letter. Devenish sounds like he should be in the ST thread.
Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by sojournermike on Today at 10:56:57 am »
Retailer markup is basically to double the wholesale price, so buying at full retail direct more or less allows them to send you two pairs of shoes - e-store costs excepted - and still double Thor normal margin. Otoh, returns are a huge problem in online clothing retail, often running at 70%.

There are some really significant challenges with all these business models, and they usually come home to roost in some failure to meet reasonable esg standards

The Pub / Re: Super-Twat
« Last post by ian on Today at 10:53:03 am »
In a childhood attempt at wartime realism, me and a friend set our action men on fire.
The Pub / Re: Amusing translation errors
« Last post by Cudzoziemiec on Today at 10:46:44 am »
Now, I admit I have advantages in that I am someone who picks up languages easily, as well as pronunciations, and I do lack the attitude seen in too many people I know*, but I found the immediate refusal to even attempt to pronounce this easy one depressing. All it is is a tongue click and a guttural voiced 'g'...

*I was attempting to explain how to pronounce Liechtenstein to a colleague, who is a tit. Attempting to explain the blindingly simple rule in German that 'ei' and 'ie' are pronounced (in essence) by simply saying the English name of the second letter, I was met with "You've got a degree in this shit. How are ordinary people supposed to remember?"

Actually listening to what I say would probably be a good starting point.
By a spooky coincidence, in 2019 I spent a short time working with a trans woman called Steph who had recently moved from PE, as she called it ("So whereabouts in South Africa did you live?" "PE" "Umm... Pietermaritzburg?")
On The Road / Re: LTNs - BMJ article
« Last post by Notsototalnewbie on Today at 10:38:09 am »
Speaking of a data-led approach...I very much enjoyed this letter from Will Norman (London Mayor's Walking & Cycling Commissioner) to Tony Devenish (Conservative London Assembly Member for Kensington & Chelsea)

(Ok it's about cycle infrastructure rather than LTNs)
Health & Fitness / Re: Beardys running log - Ct5k
« Last post by Hot Flatus on Today at 10:33:19 am »
Just done 10k in the Hokas. Weirdly they now feel smaller than they did when I stopped using them 3 weeks ago. I think my feet are changing.

Feet feel fine post run, so I'm going to do my shorter runs in the Hokas to try and get my feet used to mid drop. Once that happens I'll be sold on them for off road running.
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