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The Pub / Re: The Grumble Thread - No energy for a full on rant.
« Last post by Canardly on Today at 07:30:18 pm »
Just remember 'Ich bin ein Berliner'.
A quick look at the history of the tunnel build reveals that they experienced all sorts of problems regarding water ingress.
On The Road / Re: The "have you been knocked off" poll
« Last post by Phil W on Today at 07:17:41 pm »
Has not happened yet. Been cycling 47 years.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by CAMRAMan on Today at 07:16:13 pm »
Fool on the Hill - The Beatles
PBP 2019 / Re: Start Time/Group
« Last post by zigzag on Today at 07:07:47 pm »
80h time again, with the aim to finish in two days
Grow Your Own / Re: What have you done on the plot today?
« Last post by ElyDave on Today at 06:58:41 pm »
Urinated on the roses which were showing signs of iron deficiency.

I figured that if there was a trace of iron in urine, this may cure the problem.....Am I misguided ?

Male urine has some very good hormones for plant growing. My cucumbers and tomatoes seem to like it  :D

For me, just replacing a broken pane in the greenhouse.  The whole frame seems to have twisted.  I'm thinking the ground has moved beneath it due to lack of water, it's not even July and my water butts are almost empty
On The Road / Re: The "have you been knocked off" poll
« Last post by the_bicycle_barber on Today at 06:58:05 pm »
Went through the windscreen of a taxi in central Norwich - driver jumped a red light onto a roundabout while drunk and texting. Miraculously, I avoided permanent injury, but had some lovely bruises to show for it. This was almost a year ago (my last training ride for the 2017 Dunwich Dynamo), but I've only just got back into the swing of things a-wheel. Fortunately, it happened late at night and there was no other traffic to run over me as I bounced off up the road. Very grateful to stil be here.
Audax / Re: ACME Grand 1000km 28 June 2018
« Last post by rob on Today at 06:57:19 pm »
Manipulation of the calf, Achilles and knee with the physio today.   Incredibly painful experience but I can feel much more mobility already. 

Hopefully should be back up to speed next few days.

Rides and Touring / Re: Have you been out today?
« Last post by the_bicycle_barber on Today at 06:50:12 pm »
Yup. Popped up the coast to Sheringham Tescos, as we'd run out of eggs. Not an epic by any means, but it was a nice day for it.
The Pub / Re: modern life is rubbish
« Last post by ian on Today at 06:50:12 pm »
Fax it up.

But I don't think stood around all day sending faxes did they? I can't remember, I joined the workforce just as email became a thing (though I'm old enough to remember when you had to share and book computers). It was pointless anyway, the recipient machine would have run out of toner or ribbon or film or whatever, and had a buffer that held about six bytes. You may as well have made your document into a paper plane and zipped it out the window. Yep, I sent it, you didn't get it? No really, I'm sure I sent it.

Anyway, email is good, don't get me wrong. The rubbishism is that we can now claim to have done nothing all day but read and send email.
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