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The Pub / Re: ***CoronaBonus***
« Last post by Mrs Pingu on Yesterday at 06:12:22 pm »
Is it really that easy?
Guess the next problem is getting enough flour. I had a look on the internet and it seems to be like hen's teeth.
Audax / Re: Coronavirus and Audax
« Last post by chrisbainbridge on Yesterday at 06:10:46 pm »
I am starting to do videos of walking round the village for those not even allowed out.  It may be that nobody will watch them but it gave me an excuse to buy a gimbal.  That is my one hour exercise.  Therefore cycling is indoors and or the cycle to the hospital when working.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: The computing stuff rant thread
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 05:53:54 pm »
How can it be so hard to set up a persistent network share mount on linux?  FFS how?

By adding the appropriate line to /etc/fstab

(Any desktop GUI stuff pertaining to network mounts is basically a trap.  NFS, while generally more inclined to stay working than CIFS, is basically voodoo to configure and is file permission gotchas all the way down.)
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: The computing stuff rant thread
« Last post by SoreTween on Yesterday at 05:50:20 pm »
How can it be so hard to set up a persistent network share mount on linux?  FFS how?  2 days I spent on my previous installation (mint 19.1) searching and reading a trying trick after trick.  In the end I gave up and settled for 'simply' (ha!):
  • Log in
  • Open command prompt
  • sudo mount -a
  • enter password (again)
So now for #reasons1 I'm setting up a fresh installation (mint 19.3) and spent a day getting nfs shares working2 instead of using cifs.  Seemed logical, it's a linux protocol, mint is linux and so is the NAS so shirley that'll work better?  Even fekking worse!  With nfs shares the system thinks the mount points are in use after login (they aren't) so I can't mount -a.

Linux ready for the mainstream?  My shiny metal arse.

1including the bonus more than doubling the speed of my raid1 array by moving it from mdraid to an Adaptec 6405
2for disappointing values of...
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Coronavirus Box Sets
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 05:45:11 pm »
Look at a wank mag while listening to a Tolkein audio book?*

*To paraphrase Stewart Lee
The Pub / Re: ***CoronaBonus***
« Last post by phantasmagoriana on Yesterday at 05:42:32 pm »
More time to make stuff that takes ages to cook.

I’m totally embracing the slow cooking philosophy right now - made lasagne from scratch yesterday, including the pasta.

Not only delicious but also very therapeutic. I’ve not used my pasta machine for a very long time and I’d forgotten how much fun it is - not to mention how much tastier than shop-bought.
Impressed. The only other person I've ever heard of who made pasta from scratch was Mrs Cudzo's grandmother, whose background, I think it's safe to say, was different from yours!

While everyone else was panic buying pasta, Mr Phantasmagoriana bought...a pasta machine.

We've just been having a go with it and it's surprisingly fun (and the sample pasta we just ate tasted fine!). I now want to brave the shops to get beetroot (because purple pasta, and beetroot's tasty) and chocolate (sweet pasta is difficult to find in the shops!).
The Pub / Re: Confessions of a tool junkie
« Last post by chrisbainbridge on Yesterday at 05:36:54 pm »
Just received these Were allan keys from Amazon:

Lovely! Not a sharp edge on any of them. Supposed to be less likely to damage hex bolts than standard ones as well.

I have a set of those both metric and imperial i was given as a thank you.  Not the swanky colours though.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Coronavirus Box Sets
« Last post by Manotea on Yesterday at 05:35:39 pm »
There's 4 seasons of The Expanse too.
woohoo, I'm on season 2!

Might be time to start game of thrones... Don't have sky so how?
Audax / Re: Anyone missing Audax?
« Last post by bludger on Yesterday at 05:31:14 pm »
Yes very much. But I know what the health and care sector is under so really it's easy to count myself lucky.
OT Knowledge / Re: Old Paint
« Last post by Von Broad on Yesterday at 05:29:04 pm »
If you're going to use old paint [whatever ones definition of old paint is] - and personally I'd advise against it [depending on where it's been stored] - one useful tip is too [after mixing as thoroughly as you possibly can] , strain it through something to remove the dry bits from the lid that are bound to present. And that 'something' for me is always a cheap plastic sieve I have knocking about in the van. Another option [and the best] is to consult wife/girlfriend/daughter/sister to see if anybody is about to chuck out some old tights.

Happy painting, there's going to be an awful lot of it going on in the next few weeks - much to the delight of some and the utter misery others!

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