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Tour for an 8 year old
« on: May 13, 2018, 03:16:19 pm »
Little Joe wants to do a tour on his own bike this year, having previously toured on the back of the tandem.

So I'm looking for ideas for short 3-4 day tours, only 20 - 25 miles per day and reachable by rail from Newcastle.  Some wild camping is good as it adds to the sense of adventure though I probably wouldn't wild camp every night with a child.

Topping the list at the moment is the Coast and Castles between Edinburgh and Berwick.  Only 2 real climbs, quiet roads or off road and some nice remote areas for camping.

Any other suggestions welcome.


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Re: Tour for an 8 year old
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I've not done the C2C route up by you but isn't that something like 70-80 miles?

Re: Tour for an 8 year old
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Yes, C2C is an option. Its easy to cut the distance down a bit by starting in Carlisle and riding home from there.

we did just that last year on the tandem, using the Rievers Route and camping at Kielder.

I think it might be a bit hilly for him riding his own bike though.


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Re: Tour for an 8 year old
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How about the Hadrian's section through the same route? It's probably not got the same options of wild camping, but there's less climbing than the Kielder option, and from memory it's about 75 miles, with bail out options of stations all along the route should they be needed.

Otherwise perhaps the Sandstone Way from Hexham to Berwick? It has a high proportion of off road, though it's designed as a MTB touring route so may be a little too rough for what you are looking for.

A different thought is that you can now get a train to Galashiels, so some of the Borders loop might work. It has the added kudos of being a 'foreign' tour too ;D
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Re: Tour for an 8 year old
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C2C doesn’t go through Carlisle. As mcshroom says, Hadrian’s cycle route from Carlisle to Newcastle is good. Reivers cycle route, also Carlisle to Newcastle is a bit more challenging, with some off road sections.

Also, I though wild camping was illegal in England, though not in Scotland, though more experienced campers on here will know better.
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Re: Tour for an 8 year old
« Reply #5 on: May 14, 2018, 08:25:39 am »
Up the Northumberland coast on route 1.

(My mam & dad are warm showers hosts along there)

One summer when I was about 12 we walked (me, sisters, dad) from Tynemouth to Berwick up the coast. There are campsites every 10-15 miles or so.
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Re: Tour for an 8 year old
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Might be a bit hard to entertain the eight year old on the long flight out, but I'm sure on flight back the eight year old will be sleeping, but what about Patagonia and Carretera Austral ?

This little fella following Peli on our way to the start of Carretera Austral, near Mount Fitz Roy in Argentina, ok he was 9 at the time. His 7 year old sister was rather annoyed that she and her bike got attached to daddy's bike on this bit as she wanted to do it all herself.

oh you said reachable by train ... as you were :)

Re: Tour for an 8 year old
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2018, 07:36:43 pm »
Thanks for the ideas folks, that Carlisle to Newcastle provides regular railway bailouts is a good point.

I think Patagonia might be pushing the budget a little bit Woollypigs.  Though thinking of foreign places I'd do a few days in the Netherlands if the ferry over from North Tyneside wasn'y so god dam expensive.