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Wattbike & Zwift
« on: June 12, 2019, 01:05:58 pm »
Apologies if this has been asked before......

Does anybody know how to configure Zwift on an Android phone to connect to a Wattbike.

I work away all week and the hotel I am in for the next few weeks has a couple of Wattbikes.

I tried to configure it last night but without success. I could get the Wattbike to connect to my phone but Zwift never found it



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What's the connection type on the Wattbike? Zwift on Android is Bluetooth only, so if you were trying Ant+, that might be why?

Zwift on Android has only just crawled out of a very long period in development - so there may well be Android issues too. Have you checked the hardware compatibility list (here: to check your device is supported?

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Thanks Chris,

Only trying via Bluetooth (considered bringing an Ant+ dongle next week and then realised the phone won't support it)

My phone is on the list (One Plus 6) and I have a compatible version of OS on it.

I have a feeling it could be something disabled on the Wattbike but I don't know what so I can try and enable it or ask for it to be turned on.

I have read another article on Wattbike website that says it needs to be in Speed, cadence and power mode (SPC+PWR) but I think this is an Ant+ setting so I'm not sure it is going to work, Will be trying tonight.

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Good luck  :thumbsup:.