Author Topic: Low or High for PBP?  (Read 1475 times)


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Re: Low or High for PBP?
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Quite a few DF riders miscalculate the distance from your head to the front if your bike. So they pull across you far too soon, and a sharp shout is needed. 
This is by far the most common DF to DF transgression too. On some rides it's rare for anyone to leave anyone else enough space when pulling in after overtaking.  It's really not recumbent specific.
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Re: Low or High for PBP?
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Edit - actually another one is undertaking on the inside where you can't necessary see them unless you have a mirror mounted there as well.

That one's rare enough in real life that you can usually predict when it might happen[1] and behave accordingly.  It was actual racing that persuaded me that left side mirror was really worth having.

[1] Stopping at red light in That London?  There's probably a lycra lout or BSOist sneaking up the gutter in order to jump it.
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Re: Low or High for PBP?
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Ive had one or two riders give a very loud "door's open" or similar OK to pull back in, both on DF and 'bent, always welcome.
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