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Route to see the queen
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Considering the Prince's trust palace to palace ride . have a good friend who works for them and her husband is keen. Two options 90 and 45 miles. The 90 would be my preference but dunno if I'd be able to raise the sponsorship and would need to be in London early as starts from Buckingham palace.

Before this gets moved to sportive and charity rides I have half an plan to do the shorter but cycle to start which is around 50 miles. I'd be coming in from Chelmsford direction and Google suggests in via Blackmore and kelvedon "secret bunker" hatch but this looks to use some fairly unpleasant roads like the A12/Eastern avenue around Romford.

Is there a better option? Don't want to hugely increase mileage.


Re: Route to see the queen
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Quietest way would be to carry straight on from Kelvedon Hatch through Stapleford Abbotts and Chigwell Row. I always found this the best route into London from Essex. From there I jpined the A113 and headed towards Stratford, this has a couple of unpleasant bits (roundabout at the North Circular being the worst) and someone for familiar with London may be able to suggest a better alternative here. Even so, it's a lot better than going through Romford.

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Beware of elderly men in land rovers 😉
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I believe it was a range rover,