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Lon Las Cymru (repeat)
« on: March 20, 2019, 10:01:26 pm »
In June, I shall be one of the "Famous 5" who will be cycling from Newport to Holyhead. We are B & Bing it. Jan won't be coming. Too far outside her comfort zone. This means that I will be the youngest, by some 7 years I think.

Today I went out for a 43 miler in gently rolling Essex. It's the longest ride I have done for some time. I am utterly knackered. I am seriously considering cheating and getting some electrons to assist me with my endeavours. I suspect that the septuagenarians in our party (ie the other four) would consider this to be cheating...  O:-)

Our overnight stops will be at:-

Llanfihangel Crucorney
Builth Wells

and then return from Holyhead on 12th June. Since all the others live in Merseyside, I will spend that night with my brother near Shrewsbury. I don't fancy cycling for several hours and then spending 6 hours on trains and arriving home late in the evening.

At least they are all farily short days.
Oh, Bach without any doubt. Bach every time for me.