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My hero.

The Russian artist who took the viewpoint away from the belly button and created the dynamism of the modern photography.

I've been to visit the exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.  There's a lot of good content (including rarely seen pieces), organised in a coherent way, and supported by a short documentary video, explaining the background and the breakthroughs.

Only problem is that the framing of the pieces is terrible, with very reflective glass, so you can't see the detail.  These photos are from the twenties, FHS, so the contrast is fairly low, and grain large, meaning that a clear view is important to understand the subtlety of the viewpoint, or the meaning is lost.

That aside, it's well worth a visit.  On till 27 April, so get your skates on!
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A really good exhibition (unlike most of the recent offerings at the Hayward).  It's extraordinary how influential Rodchenko and those early Soviet artists were.  Their graphic and typographical ideas are plundered daily...