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More "voltige" -- Air display movie
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Following on from an earlier thread here is a really nice movie (22 min.) on one of the French Air Force display teams from the 3/33 Lorraine training squadron. It includes their RIAT display in 2002 (which they won) as well as interviews. The "singsong" and breathing of the No.2 are impressive. The pictures are stunning too.


Sadly the No. 2 is the movie died the following year in training, as leader of the display. His own No. 2 crashed and died too.

They were called the Voltige Victor and flew Mirages F1-B and -C, which have since been retired from this unit and is a type that is progressively disappearing.

If you understand French the comment from the No.2 at 15:50 is great (poor transtlation):
- Are you better than the Patrouille de France
- Please don't tell them that...
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Re: More "voltige" -- Air display movie
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Slightly OT.....

A few years ago I was repsonsible for setting up the First Aid cover for a large Air Show.......

We sorted out cover, set up the field unit and all the liaisons.

Next stage was to sort out codes. The idea was that we could put out a tannoy alert to recall all staff without alerting the public.

Downbird was chosen with different classes. Downbird 1  was an aircraft down off-site without casualties through to Downbird 5 which was an aircraft down on-site with civilian casualties.

Then the week before we got the souvenir Brochure and on page 5, was a section about "calls you might like to listen out for" and listed all the Downbird and other emergency codes!

SO much for our plans not to alert the public!