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Office Seating, and employer's obligations
« on: February 24, 2009, 03:02:50 pm »
I'm having ongoing trouble with my back, and I find sitting on a standard chair doesn't help. I do use a seatwedge.
My employers have had an OT come and assess me, and I know the OT is recommending a conventional chair with a better lumbar support than my current chair.

I have stated my preference for using a good kneeling chair, or Swiss ball, and stated that I've used these before and found that they helped.
My employers have stated that they can't let me use an unconventional chair unless recommended by the OT. The OT is a tad traditional on workstation positioning, and subscribes to the "top of monitor at eye level, legs and arm at 90 angles, etc" doctrine.

Where do I stand with this (pls excuse unintentional pun)? Do I have to accept the seating recommended by the OT?
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