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« on: April 06, 2009, 10:33:51 am »
So anyway, how do you tell the diference between a sore throat brought on by the on set of some nasty infection and by that brought on by excess stomach acid?

This is something that I've had before: stress induced stomach acid which moves into throat during sleep and makes it feel raw.  The problem is that I've also suffered from post viral fatigue syndrome (whatever that is - I think it's just a catch all that they came up with when they could find out what was really wrong  ;)) which normally starts to show via a sore throat.

With the stomach acid thing I can just carry on as normal and glug gaviscom for a few days.  With the other thing I ought to rest up to stop it getting serious.  Need to be going places on the bike this week and the sore throat, or rather not knowing what's causing it, is a right pain in deciding whether to put things off or not (have already missed the weekend's audax and not made it into the ofice today).