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Euan Uzami

alert of way points
« on: May 28, 2009, 09:17:43 pm »
is there any way of causing my eTrex vista to do an alert - e.g. beep, when i get to a certain point?
I use MapSource with city navigator, and have an etrex vista hcx.

i.e. I want it to be able to tell me "information control soon!" or "cafe HERE!" (not just if I happen to be looking at it) so i don't miss it!

Re: alert of way points
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"Yes please" said Squirrel "biscuits are our favourite things."

Euan Uzami

Re: alert of way points
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ah ok cheers, i'd just discovered that as i was playing with it.
i don't suppose you know what each of the following signify:
 "UPcoming speed alert"
* "Proximity Alarm Beep"
* "Leaving proximity beep"
* "Approaching proximity beep"
i.e. what causes each one to fire?