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STS-130 MS-2 Stevie "Ray" Robinson in Studio Cupola. Let the ... on Twitpic

Yup, that's a bloke chilling out with his gee-tar next to a nice big picture window IN SPACE. 

Photo c/o of current mission shutterbug Soichi Noguchi, who tweets 'em direct thanks to the ISS's new direct internet link.  Lots more, all good, in his twitpics, but this one is the best illo of the cupola in context... and what a context.  I get future shock from this shot.
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*strumming on acoustic guitar* Ground control to Major Tom...   ;D
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The first fecker to pull out a tambourine and a happy clappy song book get's airlocked.

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Planet Earth is blue, and there's nothing I can do

Da dada da da da, da dada da
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Go for a complete tour through the ISS here.
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