Author Topic: Very satisfying leftover triumph....  (Read 535 times)

Very satisfying leftover triumph....
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Being a creature of habit, I often make a multipurpose sauce that can go on pasta, or turn into a curry, or chilli, depending on the meat and seasoning I add. For reasons of economy and portion control, this sauce contains a quarter of an onion, a quarter of a pepper, an inch of courgette and either a third of a tin of tomatoes, or a half tin of baked beans (depending on the use)

This evening, with me due to go away for a week tomorrow afternoon, I made my sauce for pasta, and used up exactly the quarter of an onion, the quarter of a pepper, the inch of courgette and the half tin of beans left in my fridge.

If I had a baby elephant, it could help me wash the car. If I had a car.

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Re: Very satisfying leftover triumph....
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Yes, very satisfying when that happens :)
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