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Re: Altitude Measurement
« Reply #25 on: October 14, 2011, 12:53:36 pm »
It just depends how it's been generated.  If it's a recorded track, it will usually have elevation data embedded.  If it's a generated one (from a planner) then it usually won't.  But neither are hard and fast rules, and Bikehike perhaps does add elevation to the files you download (including gpx), I don't know, don't use it.

In any case this is just a party trick really - generally you will be wanting to see something more useful on screen - for example in the Dakota screenshot I posted above, the elevation plot prevents the usual navigational messages from appearing, so I doubt if anyone actually uses it.
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Re: Altitude Measurement
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Ahhh - so maybe using .gpx is not such a good idea?

Most of the online mapping sites add elevation for each trackpoint to both GPX and TCX generated files, but on the 605/705, the upcoming altitude plot isn't available for a GPX (even if it does contain elevation data), only for a TCX. (I don't know about the 800).

As FF mentions, the upcoming altitude plot feature is of limited use, but on the 605/705 you can show it simultaneously with up to four data fields via the "Courses" datascreen. When following a course, use the joystick on the "Courses" data screen to toggle the lower portion between the map, the upcoming altitude profile and more data fields. The upper portion is static and shows up to 4 data fields. There is also a separate "altitude profile" screen that also only appears when you're following a course.

I believe you can set off a GPX and TCX at the same time. Hence you should be able to get navigation prompts along with the course features mentioned above.