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Weird Dodgy Knee
« on: March 22, 2012, 02:28:58 pm »
This is on the knee I did-in the ligaments and a minor cartilage tear a year ago now, skiing. Yesterday afternoon, it started feeling bad, took some Vitamin I at around 4 and cycled home. Pain relief seemed pretty complete, I tried to favour it on the ride. By 11 it was kicking off again, and the pain woke me at 03:30 when I took more pain relief. At 05:30 it had eased a bit, but still painful, so I took the tube to work. Now, 12 hours since the last pain relief it seems to have eased off. If it is gone, this is the second time this has happed – the last time I booked a physio appointment but the pain had gone by the time I got there.

Anyone experienced anything like that? The pain is quite severe, focussed around the patella but stretching up and down. The strange thing is not having a dodgy knee, that’s sort-of expected, but one that goes from state to state quite so quickly.


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Re: Weird Dodgy Knee
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I can't tell exactly what's going on. Dodgy parts can get provoked to agonising pain from time to time but can sometimes settle with no intervention/Vitamin I. I don't think it's worthy of worry. If it flare up for a longer spell, seek hel but a short 'episode' is probably one of those things you'll have to accept as being 'part of a certain age'...