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Lipoma Removal ?
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:10:41 am »
6 years ago I had a minor op to remove an unsightly lump on the crown of my skull.   I was initially told it was a cyst, but when the operation began was told that it was actually a lipoma.  I was also told that it wouldn't grow back.

It's gradually regrown and is now quite noticeable, there is no discomfort but comments about it annoy and upset me. 

If I opt to have it removed again will it regrow again ?   I'm not sure if this type of operation is now classed as cosmetic, and hence not available on the NHS, am I likely to have to pay for it ?
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Re: Lipoma Removal ?
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I have loads of them - on my foot, calf, near my kidneys on both sides (if someone pokes me in the sides, I'm liable to get punchy), above my arse, on my spine (annoying), on my arm. Runs in the family as both mum and sis have them. They are all quite small, so only even vaguely noticeable when my bodyfat is low, but easily felt.

GP said I can have as many as I like removed, but he advised against. I think that implies you can get them done without charge.


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Re: Lipoma Removal ?
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2012, 10:51:24 am »
I've had various moles and lipoma removed from different parts of the body (total of 6 now) - all have been NHS ops through an initial GP consultation (some have been conducted as minor surgery by the GP)

Re: Lipoma Removal ?
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I'm having one removed on my crotch on the 5th December it is about the size on the top of your little finger, I was told it would not grow back so have to wait and see.


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Re: Lipoma Removal ?
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I had a mole removed, using private medical insurance from work and then found that skin cancer was an exclusion form future insurance.
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