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Rösti togs trial
« on: February 15, 2014, 03:59:12 pm »
Our club is ordering new togs from Rösti. I tried on some samples this morning. They're tiny.

Shirts: I'm a weedy bugger so my normal size is between M & L. Given the gut I normally take L.  In Rösti I need an XXL at least.
Shorts: In Assos I take S in season and M right now. In Rösti I need an L. I couldn't even get the M over my thighs, which are definitely not like tree-trunks. Nettles, maybe.

I didn't much like the inserts in the shorts we had to try. The "pro quality" one was too thick, was segmented, and so wide that it galled my legs either side when I walked. The cheaper insert felt better (and smoother) but it was much lighter and I've no idea how it would feel after 300k.  A new Assos Fi.Mille is smoother than either.  There is an oil-filled long-distance insert available but we didn't have one to try.  We should have one in a week or thereabouts.

Good point is that they have several models of shorts and several of inserts: you select your garment and then the insert. Nice touch.

General quality is impressive. The straps are a sort of white webbing and don't have seamed edges, and supposedly don't roll. I liked them.  The cloth I liked and the zips looked excellent, but zips are zips... The shorts are cut comfortably low at the front, which will be appreciated by gents in a hurry. A tight Fi.Mille is murder in this respect.

Terms: Minimum order is 10 main items, main meaning shirts or shorts and excluding gloves, socks, etc.  We can make up the number any way we like: there's no minimum quantity for any given article. By ordering 10 we get the club price list, which is around 50% of the standard retail price before tax. That's for shirts & shorts printed with our own design.

That's it for now.
I've dusted all those old bottles and set them up straight.