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Interested in people's views on yeast types. Since it has become nigh impossible to find fresh yeast (Tesco instore bakery used to hand it out for free if you asked, not sue if they still do because that would involve going into Tesco) And I've been using Alison's standard dried as long as I can remember. A while back they re-worked their production resulting in smaller granules that took longer to reconstitute, I assume that change is around making it longer lasting or summat.

Anyhoo, I used "instant" dried yeast recently while in Portugal (he sort you mix dry into flour), and to be honest I would be hard put to tell the difference. I suspect the only reason I haven't used it is that Real Men Bakers Don't Use Instant, or some prejudice like that. Anyone found any difference?

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If you've a Morrisons near you, they may sell fresh yeast, whether in packets on the shelves (seems variable), or by asking at the bakery counter; or is there a proper baker's anywhere local to you?

OTOH, I consider myself a Real Baker*, and I use Allinson's easy bake all the time†. I haven't noticed any real difference with fresh yeast, and the convenience is hard to beat - it means I can pretty much always have pizza on the table in just over an hour. Note that Campaign for Real Bread ultra-purists may want to steer clear of instant, as most have additives (The Allinson's has an emulsifying agent and some vitamin C - I think the former is for the production process, and the latter helps kick-start the dough proving) - IIRC even some of the organic brands have these.

*My sourdough starter's well over a decade old, etc. etc.
†But then I also use my bread maker lots, and even make quiche...

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I've only ever used dried/easy. Life's too short.
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