Author Topic: Weird upper thigh strain - while walking!  (Read 478 times)


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Weird upper thigh strain - while walking!
« on: December 26, 2013, 06:21:42 pm »
I'm feeling like a pathetic wreck - what with my 6 month foot injury preventing all running ::-)
This week's was sustained on a 1hour walk - I managed a brisk 40 minutes before some discomfort began. Limped most of the rest of the way. 2 days later I attempted 15mins to the shops. Barely made it, fine for 5mins then I fell to bits! Christmas morning walk to the pub with N cancelled*  :facepalm:

I'm not toooo worried by this. I've done so little walking this year - to let the injured foot heel - that I'm not surprised 45mins was too much for me (although I'm certainly embarassed!). I can ride a bike pretty hard without aggravating it, and I'm hoping it will go away with rest.

Just wondering if anyone knows what I've pulled/strained? And if there is a known/standard fix. Left leg - somewhere between the front top of the quad, and the ITB area (depending on what I'm doing it kinda moves around). I can run up stairs OK, but plain ole regular walking causes a twinge.

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