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Ridgeback Panorama Deluxe
« on: August 30, 2015, 09:53:44 am »
I picked up one of these this week after owning a Panorama since 2004 it seemed the right thing to do to carry on with what I know for my touring requirements.

Ridgie-1 by Richie C, on Flickr

Anyway I have only done 20 miles on it so far but initial impressions are very positive, it seems to glide along a really smooth ride, although I have been riding mostly Alloy bikes all year so it might just be me having got used to the harshness of alloy frames.

Ridgie-3 by Richie C, on Flickr

When I got the original bike it had an adjustable stem which weighed a ton, that soon went but on this they have got rid of that and stuck with a traditional stem and handle bar set up, Tiagra levers and front mech with a xt rear mech sort out the shifting which has a positive click and nice shifting. TRP Spyre calipers deal with the stopping bit, my first foray into mechanical discs (I have two other bikes with discs but both have hydraulic set ups) and they seem to work well certainly an improvement on the old canti set up on the old bike which i ditched in favour of min-v's in the end.

Ridgie-5 by Richie C, on Flickr

Finished in metallic Olive which I was unsure about to begin with but has now grown on me to the point I love it, the only thing I have changed is the saddle putting on a Charge Spoon.

Overall pleased so far.  :thumbsup:

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Re: Ridgeback Panorama Deluxe
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Conversely, the only thing I *had* to change on my new tourer (EBC Revolution) was to *remove* the Charge Spoon that it came with!

Yours looks like a fantastic bike - when I was bike shopping earlier this year, the touring range from Ridgeback was pretty high on my shortlist for all things bar bars (I have decided I hate drops).

I think you'll come to love the disc brakes. I certainly have over the 6 months I've been using them (Avid BB5s in my case). Disc brakes weren't something I'd used before or particularly wanted but I'd not go back to rim brakes now.

Do the disc mounts make load carrying harder? My pal has just got a (I forget what) disc braked tourer and had a terrible time of high bodgery fitting a front rack.