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Knee tendon issue
« on: November 26, 2015, 04:17:40 pm »
Bit of a preamble here.

A year or so ago my wife bought one of these vibrating plate exercising machines and this idiot turned it right up for a session and thought the next day the left knee feels a bit odd. Well over a year now and it still feels a bit odd, tight behind the knee tendons in fact.

So yesterday I went out on the bike for the first time in some three years. Whilst sitting the knee felt okay apart from the missing cartilage but that is another matter entirely. But when standing on the pedals the right leg was fine but the left felt really odd as if it was a half inch short and I had to complete the rotation by sort of tugging with my right leg. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong and what if anything I can do to help it.

Well went to the Doc last night and am told the tendons are inflamed so it is Ibuprofen and a physio session some time in the future depending on the wait time, probably 12 weeks given past history.

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