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My Secret Ear
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When my oldest daughter was little, my spaniel was her 'secret ear'. Her outlet to discuss any worries, secrets, weird stuff. Anything. The golden rule was that no matter what she said to my spaniel, I couldn't 'directly' intervene.

My youngest daughter now has a 'secret ear'. Slightly quirkier: I have very stretchy skin on my elbows which you can pull and stretch into circus-like dimensions. If you pull them out they look like ears. If she has any worries, secrets, weird stuff or anything bugging her she asks to borrow my 'other ears'.

As I was going to bed tonight, she was still awake in her bed. She asked for her 'other ears' as she had something to tell them. Concerned something was up, I offered her an elbow for her council. In the darkness of her little bedroom I felt her tiny hands pull my weird skin into an ear shape.

I heard her take a little breath and felt the warmth of her whisper.

I could just make out her message to her 'secret ear'...

...'Bicycles are alive!'


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Very sweet.

And it would explain a lot.
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Brilliant !   There's a book in there somewhere, or a short story at the very least.
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