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Madison RoadRace Apex waterproof jacket
« on: January 15, 2017, 10:45:57 am »

I bought one of these on a wave of naive hope that a rain jacket really could keep you dry.

Of course, it doesn't. Not completely, but it's better than anything else I have. Was it worth £130 though? Hmmm.

Its a quality garment. The 'storm' material feels good and says that its both waterproof and breathable. I've found that's not quite true. Water does bead off to start with, but once it's been raining for about 90minutes, the material becomes saturated and the breath ability disappears.
However, it comes with a set of zip-open vents. 2 on the chest, and 2 on the arms. The arms are often a place that see zero airflow on a jacket and thus condensation thrives, these attempt to combat this, to 'some' good effect. There is also a permanent vent on the back/shoulders under a flap. When fully open, it does help to cool you if you're running hot, but doesn't completely stop the boil-in-the-bag effect.
Perhaps the best feature is one that never made it to the marketing literaure. The main front zip is bi-directional (it can be opened from either end). By unzipping up from the waist a a few inches, all of a sudden the ventilation comes to life and you get a nice draft all around your torso without getting a cold, wet chest/neck. The arms still tend to get a bit damp.

At the end of the day, it's a rain jacket. It can only do so much. But, it has got me out on days I would have otherwise not bothered. Depending on how hot/cold you tend you run will affect what you wear underneath. Sub 10degC, I tend to only wear a merino base layer and normal jersey. Otherwise, i get too hot. Sub 5degC and i'll swap the summer jersey for a winter jersey.
It doesn't pack down very small unfortunately, too big for a jersey pocket certainly. Unless you have a rackpack/rack & bungee cord, this IS your outer layer for the day.
All in all. I'm glad I have it. I just have to pretend i didn't pay £130 for it.

Nice racey fit
Zero flapping, very quiet.
About as ventilated as a rain jacket gets.

It's only a rain jacket.
Doesn't pack down small.