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solar panels
« on: March 08, 2019, 11:31:10 am »
We have a couple of solar driven pumps in the green house which power our tomato growing hydroponics system. The vendor has none in stock and we would like a couple more.

The info on the panels we have is as follows, though frankly to me its Double Dutch as my electrical ken is zero on panels.

Model# GSP 3.5 - 16 (googled this with no success)

Max Power Voltage 3.5V

Open circuit Voltage  9.28V

Max power Current 0.456 Amps

Can someone post a link please to the equivalent panel and possibly a submersial pump to suit? Pretty please.

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Re: solar panels
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Don't have time to be more helpful, but the open circuit voltage is what you'd think of as the voltage of the panel - what you'd measure from it in bright sunlight without a load.

The more current you draw from it the more the voltage will drop.  Since power is voltage * current, the maximum power values are the point where you're extracting the most power from the panel.
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Re: solar panels
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Googling those specs turned up this, which appears to be the same model:

Re: solar panels
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Spot on grams that's them for sure.

Now for the pump..

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