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So, having bought a set I have now got around to using them and thought that I'd share my experience with you all.

Time to swap a transmission and I use SRAM 9 speed chains with their own split link.   Normally I'd give the link a bit of a clean and spray with GT85 or similar before wrestling and getting the link apart.   Usually this works quite well.   I offered up the tool and squeezed.   Instantly I heard and felt a small clunk and the link had been compressed and came apart.   Fabulously easy and not requiring strength.

Now to swap some tyres:   We run Schwalbe Marathons (not Plus) or Durano Plus tyres on the audax bikes and I wanted to swap out some Marathons for DP's for summer use.   I found that I could not get two levers under the bead at the same time, the second one simply wouldn't get under the bead with the first in place.   I tried getting two in place simultaneously but one would always slip and give.   I have so such problems with my VAR levers.

My conclusion is that I'll leave the Clever Levers in the toolbox as they really are excellent with the split link and continue to carry the VAR levers on the bike.   More likely to need to whip a tyre off when out and about than a chain, from experience.

Re: Clever Standard tyre levers
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I took them on our holiday riding the Moselle (still on it now). The clever tyre levers came in handy on day 1 when I had to undo the chain quick link to sort out a small chain problem and then again on day 5 when I got a puncture and used the tyre lever bit. All I can say is they did their job as described.
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