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Re: MAC - friendly GPS?
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Indeed - off-road Routing is 'some kind of hybrid' - just not quite the one Feanor had in mind.  But it works better for me than either of the alternatives.   After all, if you confine your cycling to on roads, then you don't really need a coloured line along the road, the kerbs and ditches will keep you going in the right direction, until you happen across the next waypoint.

With Routes, you specify a small number of points, and it auto-routes between them along the roads it knows about, with prompts.  And with routing assumptions you may not like.
With Tracks, it draws the track on top of the map, even where the map has no roads, but you have to follow it manually.

What we want is some kind of hybrid.
A 'Navigate Track', which actually works properly, and uses underlying roads where it can, and ignores any routing preferences, but goes off-road ( from the garmin maps PoV)  gracefully as required, but continues to navigate from trackpoint to trackpoint.
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