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30 minutes per half is the proposed plan by the FA, that's about how long the ball is in play in a typical game. Would certainly be worth a trial in some matches to check for unintended consequences (I can see some teams with lower fitness using tactics to give their players more time to recover).
60 is generous.  Some managers make it one of their main tactics to have the ball-in-play time as short as possible. I half wonder if it was a KPI for Tony Pulis!

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This is the thread from last year, but it's the same team making the noise! :) That was a great game. 
The pitch is going to be a real problem for City to play down the middle, but when they get onto the grass I think they might cause one or 2 problems. However, I don't think their backline will enjoy fighting for headers in the mud for 90 minutes. The crowd is going to be absolutely mental as well - let's hope it's proper welsh weather. :)


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That was an impressive result!
Bach without a doubt.