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my first sportive
« on: June 04, 2017, 08:05:45 pm »
not sure if this should be here or in the sportive sub -board but that didn't seem to have any ride reports...

I rode my first sportive today. The circuito del caffe - organised by my local railway station coffee shop to raise money for cancer charities (one of whom were rather fab when Mrs Moultonaught was poorly a couple of years ago)

I did the short route of 30 miles. It was a circular route from Oxford Parkway railway station.

On the short route there was a nice mix of roadies, a couple of mtbs, some hybrids and me on my Airnimal fixed-wheel folder complete with Carradice Super C saddlebag. ;D

I went off route near the start so I'm not sure if I rode further or not as far as the official route, as my folder hasn't got a cycle computer, but it was a really nice ride, and flatter than expected!

I was surprised that my legs didn't find it harder, as it's the furthest I've ridden on fixed to date. Much fun...  :)

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Re: my first sportive
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Well done. Audax next

Re: my first sportive
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I've grovelled round a few 100k BPs as Cudzo otp will testify, but I always struggle against running-out of time, which means I don't enjoy the ride as much as my usual pottering rides...

I treated today's sportive as a potter! ;D
not so much a gravel grinder.... more of a gravel groveller


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Re: my first sportive
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Well, if grovelling includes finishing, in time, the ride I DNFed...

The sportive sounds like it was fun. Far more relaxed than I would have imagined, or have had the impression from other people who've done them (never done one myself). I guess this might depend on the person! And all in a very good cause.

Pottering is always good.
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