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Custom/A-la Carte Fixie
« on: October 01, 2017, 03:17:24 pm »
A bike loan to a friend looks like it might become a purchase, while I liked the bike I never rode it because I felt very uncomfortable freewheeling.  So I may well be half way to being able to afford to get someone like Lee Cooper to make me a Fixed Wheel Audax bike.
I have had 10+ years of happy service from my Pompino, which I expect I will keep for winter riding and stuff that requires 32mm+ tyres, so I am thinking something made for 25or28mm, mudguards, steel but lighter than my current steed; not sure about rear spacing (120 or 130?), V or caliper brakes, any other braze-ons that would be useful (maybe something for a dynamo light?).
The advice that I am after is
- Will a £600ish frame be a proper upgrade on the Pompino, or will I just be paying for Aesthetics?
- What should I be considering as options/spec for the bike? 
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Re: Custom/A-la Carte Fixie
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A braze on chain hanger on the seat stay is very useful for when you have the back wheel out out.