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Castelli Sizing
« on: October 19, 2017, 03:44:58 am »
No doubt Castelli's kit is high quality (excepting the Nanoflex pro bibtights I recently ordered, which had been made with a twist in one of the shoulder straps!), but the sizing is absolutely ridiculous. In 'normal' clothes I'm comfortably a large, but I'm forced to endure the indignity of ordering their XXL kit! Are Italians genetically different or what?

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It is standard Italian sizing. Nearly all cycling clothing manufacturers use it.

You have to remember that everyday clothing size has changed as people have got fatter.

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There is a simpler explanation.  Italian sizing uses a single set of sizes for both adults and children. Thus S,M and L are children's sizes whilst the equivalent of our adult S is XL and so on. I am a M is most things but an XXL in Castelli clothing.
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I have a few Castelli things.

I'm 6' 1" weigh under 13 stone, but over 12, and I'm comfortable in XL tops (alpha, gabba and a raintop) and, now I've lost some weight, in L tights. My biggest problem with all the sizing is finding clothes that are long enough without having too much fabric around the middle. L tights are marginal on length, but XL aren't much longer.

Given that some years ago I was nearly 2 stone lighter, current sizing is an interesting challenge.