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Labour Cycle
« on: February 04, 2018, 03:23:51 pm »
Wasn't sure whether to put this in here or the politics board, it's very much both.
Yesterday in Manchester a group called Labour Cycles held it's inaugural meeting, the purpose of the group is to ensure that the next Labour General Election Manifesto commits  to improving cycling provision and to do the same on a regional and local level.  Details and how to join (It'll be open to all Labour members) will be on the website before long

Along with the above it was an enjoyable day. A fair smattering of people I know, some in different guises, some familiar Cycling UK faces, and as expected a great line up of speakers. Chris Boardman kicked it off, I thought he was a good cycling ambassador a year ago, his role as Manchester's Cycling and Walking Commissioner has taken that to a new level, he has the knowledge and examples from around the world and an entertaining straightforward way of presenting it. The representatives from several councils/regions gave good account of what can be achieved, the barriers and ways to try and overcome them. Rachael Maskell MP -Shadow Minister for Transport, and Dr Rachel Aldred – A Senior Lecturer in Transport, University of Westminster stood out for me, so much enthusiasm. Plenty of other speakers and all taking Q&As, though kept to a tight schedule by the chair.
Reasonable lunch, free book (Bike Nation) and the ticket was only a tenner! Train ride on the scenic Trans Peak in the snow, all in all a good day out.

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I was at this, was interested in the idea of organising something within the party as Labour have been historically weak on cycling.

Interestingly some conservatives appear to have started a similar group (The Conservative Cycle Campaign) although seems to be just a Twitter presence at the moment.


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Got to be worth a try.  I live in a traditional Labour area (North East of England) where 'new' ideas like designing urban areas, road junctions, and housing developments to give some sort of priority to walking and cycling seem to be a novel concept, despite 40 years of evidence that it is a better way to go.  I recently contacted our (Labour) police and crime commissioner to ask what they were doing in relation to close pass initiatives such as the one in the West Midlands.  Answer = nowt.

Maybe I need to join the local Labour party as well as putting in objections to any local schemes, some of which could have been designed in the 1970's.


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Good stuff!
Getting there...

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If anyone would like to know more, there's a report of the day from Carlton Reid

The Labour Cycles website has also been updated with full reports on all the presentations, the slides used and some links to further resources.