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Re: Analogue question - aurora
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Take photos of people taking photos of the Aurora (don't use flash). Sit back and enjoy the Aurora.

The analogue photos should be back with me on Monday - the digital ones were rather 'meh'! If you hear no more then the analogue ones were rubbish too.....
I had this advice at the back of my mind all the time were these words of advice. The aurora we saw were present for extended periods, so there was no real problem in doing both - taking a few snaps and at the same time enjoying the spectacle. In taking the photos I did learn about a whole new level of cold-inflicted pain in my hands.
I got talking to a professional photographer who was on the cruise and he did manage to produce some spectacular digital shots - but on the other hand there were quite a lot of folk with expensive cameras set to 'auto' who were complaining that they couldn't get the lights on their cameras - even after a tutorial talk on the ship prior to the land based evening trip!
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Re: Analogue question - aurora
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I don't envy your hands! Metal is very good at drawing heat away and even gloves with ¾ fingers wouldn't really help. I've given David my knitted 'fingerless + mitten hat' gloves but I doubt they would have been enough for you!


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Re: Analogue question - aurora
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Well the pictures weren't as dire as predicted - maybe not great, but not embarrassing!
Attached are a sample of the 30+ I got back.
Three of these were on land, one from the ship.
The land based ones were with much longer exposure on a tripod - counted 5 - 15 seconds*, whereas the ship one was 'flash' (1/30?) No tripod, (but camera held rigid with string to my foot with string). All with ISO 800 film. No post processing at my end. The camera was a Praktica MTL5.

As a snapper - I'm pretty pleased with what I got.

*I had a remote shutter release, but my hands were too cold to screw it in.

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Re: Analogue question - aurora
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To put things in perspective my Wife took this in 2012, in Finland, hand-held, on my cast-off (and totally unsuitable) Canon A495 (£49 new in 2011).
1600 ISO (2 sec exposure) which was the very maximum on that fully-Auto camera, hence the dreadful noise.

It serves as a memory that she was there but nothing else.  It's such a combination of luck and the right equipment that you're on a hiding to nothing unless you have both.

The best Aurora images are so spectacular that almost everything else looks totally "meh".  I'm impressed that she managed to get this with that old "snapper".

You have souvenirs that you were there which is always nice.
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